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How to Study with Sharper Concentration and Remember More in Less Time

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Raj Bapna photoHello, my name is Raj Bapna.

I am from Udaipur (Rajasthan). I studied at BITS, Pilani and IIT Kharagpur.

After leaving Intel in California (USA) to settle in Udaipur, I have helped over 5 lakh students to study better to get more marks in exams.

Which Product to Buy First

Get These First:

  1. Mind Machine (Price: Rs 14,900) - The most effective and effortless method to start benefiting immediately. If your budget allows, this should be your first choice.
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  2. MPST2 Video Course (Price: Rs 1,780) - Ideal if you're seeking effective techniques to work better, faster, and harder. This course enhances your study efficiency and includes our Faster Learning module.
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Get This Next:

  • IQ Builder (Price: Rs 1,990) - Best suited for those ready to commit to a challenging yet rewarding program. It requires self-discipline for the initial 10-12 days of slower progress. However, its power lies in significantly boosting your memory retention and comprehension for 30-40 minutes of study, enabling deeper learning and better connections.
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Optional Addition:

  • Mind Power Music (Price: Rs 997) - A simple and effortless method to enhance your study experience. This option is perfect for adding a relaxing yet focused ambiance to your study sessions.
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Who Orders: Parents or Students?

  • Parents who greatly benefited from my book or audio programs in their own student days order for their children.
  • Students who want to get an edge in their exams order my tools and techniques for that extra advantage.


Here's a guide to help you decide which one to buy first.

IF You are Preparing for a Very Touch Competition with Huge Syllabus, THEN Get These 2 Programs First

  1. First, if you can afford mind machine (price Rs 14,900), that is the most powerful and effortless way to start getting benefits immediately.
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  2. Get just MPST2 Video Course (price from Rs 1,780) because you'll learn techniques to help work better/faster/harder and get more results from the time you spend on studies. It includes Faster Learning below.
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Get this Next

Get our IQ Builder last because it is hard-to-use requiring self-discipline and will power for 10-12 days when the progress is slow, even though it extremely powerful and increases the amount of things you can keep in memory for 30-40 minutes when you study allowing you to make better connections and learn deeper.
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Get Mind Power Music (price from Rs 997) because it is easy and effortless to benefit from.
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Who Orders: Parents or Students?

  • Parents, who used my book or audio program when they were students and it changed their lives. Those parents now order it for their children.
  • Students, who want to get an extra edge and unfair advantage to get success in competition order it.

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Your 4 Powerful Products
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Mind Machine
(An Electronic Device)

Is social media making it harder to study for your exam?

This electronic tool gives you sharper concentration in just 7 minutes.

It helps you to study smart despite the smartphones distractions.

For students of class 9th to PhD and for working people.

Price: Rs 14,900.

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Genius Audio Program (audio download)

(It was available on a CD. Now, it is available as a download only.)

How to enter the learning state in 13 minutes and wake up a little of the genius inside you for good rank in exams and your bright future.

Price: Rs 2,700 Rs 498.

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Mind Power Music
(Effortless Self-Improvement Audio Library)

Effortless to benefit. There is nothing to learn or practice. Just listen to the audio music and get these benefits:
- Memory & Concentration,
- Will Power & Determination,
- Relaxation & Stress Management.

For students of any age and for working people.

Price: Rs 997.

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How to Study Effectively
Toppers 9 (MPST2) Video Course

Designed to help you to study better with sharper concentration, remember more, and get more marks in exams.

Optional: Faster Learning audio program.

Price: Rs 1,000.

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Increase Your IQ by 10 Points in 20 Days
(by Solving a Puzzle for 20 Minutes Daily)

Imagine... what if you could improve your IQ and remember more for 30 to 40 minutes in a class or reading a book.

How will it help you relate and connect all the facts and figures and concepts you learn, and so help you to remember better?

Consider Ordering It Last

Why? Because this requires will power and discipline for about 2 weeks as the puzzle/game becomes harder and harder as you make progress. But, after that, you suddenly make rapid progress in just a few days.

Price: Rs 1,990.

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Product Link Price
Increase Your IQ by 10 Points in 20 Days (by Solving a Puzzle for 20 Minutes Daily) Link Rs 1,990 to 4,990

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Who Orders: Parents or Students?

  • Parents, who used my book or audio program when they were students and it changed their lives. Those parents now order it for their children.
  • Ambitious students, who want to get an extra edge and unfair advantage in competition order it.

3 New Dangerous Trends Why Many Smart Students Fail

  1. Social Media is Reducing Concentration
  2. Competition is Getting Harder
  3. Coaching Alone Is Not Enough for Success

Dangerous Trend #1
Social Media is Reducing Concentration

Now social media and smartphones are reducing our concentration, which makes it so much harder to study for most students.

Those who can concentrate have a huge advantage in competitive exams.

Dangerous Trend #2
Competition is Getting Harder

In most tough competitive exams, out of every 10,000 who appear in the exams, only 20 to 200 get success.

In other words, out of every 100,000, as many as 99,000 to 99,800 fail in the competitive exams in India.

Dangerous Trend #3
Coaching Alone Is Not Enough for Success

As shown above, less than 1 percent of aspirants get success in many of the tough competitive exams in India, though as many as half the students might join coaching. What it means is that over 90% of students who join coaching fail.