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How to Increase Your IQ So You Can Study Faster, Remember More, and Get Greater Success in Your Competitive Exams

Finally After 125 Years of Research in Psychology, A New Method Developed by Scientists in USA and Europe Increases IQ with Certainty

Now ... A New Way

Now, training for 20 minutes a day increases your IQ by 10 points in just 20 days.

Faster, Better Learning in Classrooms and Self-Study

Imagine you could improve your IQ and remember more whenever you are in a classroom or reading a book for 30 to 40 minutes.

It will help you connect all the facts and figures and concepts you learn, enabling you to remember them better. So, it wil help you get more success in exams.

Improving IQ Was Impossible Till Recently ...

Till recently, there was no method to increase IQ.

As you'll discover below, researchers in USA and Europe invented a new training that changed everything and finally it became possible (and even fun) to increase IQ by the huge amount (10 points).

Welcome to the World of Higher IQ

Raj Bapna photo

My name is Raj Bapna and I was born in Udaipur (Rajasthan), studied at IIT Kharagpur and BITS, Pilani, and worked Intel in California, USA

I've been helping students, business owners, and executives get more success for 25 years.

I am excited because anyone can improve your IQ and focus, and be more sure of success.

It Works in 3 Steps

Achieve a big increase of 10 IQ points. As we saw in the video above, 10 IQ points opens up so many new jobs you can do. And, the competition for those jobs is less than other jobs that require lower IQ.

You do the online training for about 20 minutes a day. As you practice, you automatically make progress and the training moves to higher level.

You improve in 3 steps:

Step 1: Quick Easy Start

First day, you'll learn the training. You'll notice big improvement within the first 2 days.

Step 2: Slow Progress

This phase is for a week or so during which your brain is figuring out how to organize huge amounts on information in your memory during learning.

Step 3: Rapid Easy Progress

Finally, your brain figures out how to remember much more in memory during learning. Everybody is surprised with speed and ease of progress.

How to Use It

Each day, you play 20 rounds of the training. Each round takes about 1 minute and at the end of each round you get a score. Each round has 21 events. In each event, you hear the sound of an alphabet and see a red square in one of the 9 locations.

You take IQ test before and after about 20 days of training to measure the improvement. After that you can play less often or for shorter duration.

Here is how you start the training:

  1. Login to with your email and password.
  2. To begin the training, click or touch Start button play or press Spacebar. When you press the start button, it changes to Pause button pause.
  3. You see a red square appear every 3 seconds and you’ll also hear the sound of an alphabet. Your task is to remember the previous 1, previous 2, previous 3 events and identify if their is a match (full details inside membership).

Because the training is totally personalized and automated, you always play at the peak of your ability, and it is at this level that your memory capacity expands.

Research and Proof

One of the Most Important Breakthroughs in Psychology

In the 1890s, Hugo Munsterberg began writing about the application of psychology to industry, law, and other fields.

Even though the field of psychology has existed for over 125 years, and all these years psychologists have been trying to find ways to increase IQ because higher intelligence is so important for success, psychologists could not discover an effective way to increase IQ scores.

Now, finally, they have found a way and different teams have proven that it works repeatedly through various scientific studies.

How a Famous Hiohacker Increase IQ by 2.7 Per Hour of Training

Dave Asprey is the founder of and currently lives in Canada. He's been focused on increasing brain and body. He's advisor to many high powered people.

Here is part of an article from Dave's blog about his experiments with this type of training using another older software.

I gained 2.75 IQ points for every hour of brain training I did.

Here's a graph of my N level for my first 20 sessions (total of just 6.5 hours of training):


See how long I was stuck at N = 4? It took my brain a few days to adapt and forge new neural pathways, but once I broke beyond 4, I was immediately able to process far more information--look at the graph skyrocket as my brain adapted to handling more information at once.

Permanent Increase in IQ

The best part about the training is that it's permanent. After the 20 sessions you see above I did no training for a full 8 months to see if I'd forget the skill and have to start over. The results were an astounding OPPOSITE of what I expected, as if my brain had further optimized itself during the 8 months off.

Proof from a 12th Class Student

Of hundreds of users, this student is reached the highest level ever in our software. He reached level 8 and then quickly to level 10. (I never expected anybody to reach this high a level.)

You'll be surprised how quickly the progress can happen

Facebook screenshot showing level 8

Facebook screenshot showing level 10

A Totally New Opportunity for You

If you are preparing for an exam with cut-throat competition, where perhaps just 1 or less than 1 person per 100 aspirants get success, then you need to use IQ Builder.

It will give you an unfair advantage because everybody uses similarly good coaching. But, your brain will work better at higher IQ, so you'll learn fater, retain more in memory, and get greater success.

Your family and you deserve it.

Plus, it comes with 100% risk-free simple guarantee: Either you increase IQ or get refund.

Guarantee and Pricing

Increase Your IQ by 10 Points or More in 30 Days OR Get 100% Money Back

Based on the scientific research and experience of so many of our customers, we are absolutely 100% sure that you will benefit, and that is why we offer you 100% risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee.

If you do not have your IQ higher by 10 points, you can ask for a courteous refund within 30 days of purchase.

The refund process is simple: all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] and tell me you used it for at least 20 days but did not benefit. I trust you and issue refund.

Choose the Right Option for You

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Booster #2: Improves Your Memory and Executive Function

Duration 1 Month 12 Months Life Time
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