Attention: Students and Working Professionals Preparing for Important Exams

New Easy Way to Start Studying with Concentration in 7 Minutes and Remember Better to Get Higher Percentile in Exams

Mind Machine is an electronic device used by over 10,000 people to study better without willpower.

Just put on the headphones and glasses and wait for 7 minutes and then start studying. Students use it for success in exams such as IITJEE, NEET, CA, UPSC, CAT, SSC, Bank, GRE, GMAT, SAT, and others.

Get 5 Benefits by Using Mind Machine

You'll get these five benefits.

  • Improve Concentration: Enhance your ability to focus during study sessions.
  • Increase Recall: Aid in faster and more accurate recall of information.
  • Enhance Learning Speed: Help you learn new material more quickly.
  • Reduce Stress: Lower stress related to studying and exams.
  • Support Long Study Sessions: Enable longer periods of concentrated study without feeling tired or sleepy.
  • No Need for Willpower: Get the benefits without using willpower because it does the work by itself.

Who Uses the Mind Machine

Most of our students are:

  • In school in class 9 or above, and preparing for IITJEE, NEET, NDA, CA Foundation, etc.
  • In college and preparing for PG, GATE, NET, MBA/CAT, UPSC, Bank, SSC, CA, etc.
  • In job and preparing for departmental exam for promotion or for a degree exam.

Helps You to Overcome These 3 Common Challenges that Even Smart Students Face

  • Too much of course material, but not enough time to finish everything and also do revision.
  • Foget a topic a month (or even a just a week) after learning it?
  • Not yet sure of success despite joining coaching and working hard.

Proof from a Ph.D. Scholar in Taiwan

Impact of Mind Machine on Brainwaves

Yi-hsiu Liu, a Ph.D. student at National Taiwan University, demonstrated significant increases in Alpha, Delta, and High Beta brainwaves after using our Mind Machine. These changes, captured through EEG studies, indicate enhanced relaxation and concentration states, essential for effective studying.

Notice how the frequencies of 4 Hz (Delta), 8 Hz and 9 Hz (Alpha), and 20 Hz (High Beta) increase after using the mind machine.

Brainwaves Before Using Mind Machine

Brainwaves After Using Mind Machine for 10 Minutes

Now a distributor, Yi-hsiu shares his positive experiences and scientific findings in a detailed video, available in the Taiwanese language.

2 New Dangerous Trends Why Many Smart Students Fail

Dangerous Trend  1 
Social Media is Reducing Concentration

Now social media and smartphones are reducing our concentration, which makes it so much harder to study for most students.

Those who can concentrate have a huge advantage in the competitive exams.

Dangerous Trend  2 
Competition is Getting Harder

In most tough competitive exams, out of every 10,000 who appear in the exams, only 20 to 200 get success.

In other words, out of every 100,000, as many as 99,000 to 99,800 fail in the competitive exams in India.

Once any student understands this fact about "coaching", they try their best to find other ways to get an unfair advantage.

Important: Coaching Does Not Guarantee Success

Success in modern competitive exams in India is so important that most families invest huge sum of money for coaching.

That means most people join coaching.

What it means for you is that coaching alone is not enough for success any more.

Using a mind machine for exams/studies is like you riding a motorcycle in a race where others are riding cycles.

We like to think that a cycle is like "joining coaching" and mind machine is like "riding a motorcycle".

So, the mind machine gives you an unfair advantage.

Unfortunately, the Old Traditional Methods Do Not Work Well Any More

  • Watching videos on YouTube can waste a lot of time for only partially useful information.
  • Reading multiple books and notes only slows you down and you cannot finish the full syllabus.
  • Sleeping less so you can study longer ends up in disaster because you don't remember what you do learn.
  • Apps on mobile give you much less return for the time invested.

What Works

What works the best is joining coaching along with using the best mind power tools and study techniques. This approach lets you study and learn more in less time and remember more in exams, and thus achieve higher marks and greater success.

Introducing Mind Machine

Get Sharper Concentration in 7 Minutes
(by Changing Brainwaves Easily)

The Mind Machine is your ultimate tool for studying with sharper focus, better memory, and deeper relaxation.

All it takes is using it for as little as 7 minutes before you start studying first time each day.

Mind machines are becoming popular because of these 3 reasons:

  1. The technology changes your brainwaves instantly to give you sharper concentration without spending years to learn meditation and other methods.
  2. It works in just 7 minutes of use, allowing you to spend your time learning your subjects.
  3. It requires no effort from your side, making it super easy to use.

Here is what newspapers say

DNA Ahmedabad Reported How Students are Using
Mind Machines for Memory (for better exam results)

Newspaper reports how mind machines are helping students overcome exam phobia

What is a Mind Machine

Mind Machine =
Hardware + Programs

The Mind Machine is not a book or course but an electronic device.

It consists of hardware and programs.

It Helps You to Study All Subjects and for All Exams

It has been helping thousands of students do exactly so for various exams including IAS, UPSC, IIM, IIT, NEET, SSC, Bank, State PSC, 10th and 12th Board, Defence, NTSE, BITSAT, KVPY, Olympiads, GATE, and even certifications for various professions.

It helps you study every subject including General Studies, English, History, Maths, Physics, and all other subjects.

As a student, you'll study with sharper concentration. So you'll remember more in less time and finally get more marks and higher rank in your exams.

As a working person in a job or business, you'll reduce stress and find comfort/peace with stress-buster and meditation programs.

World's Only Mind Machine Designed Just for Studies and Exams to Help Students in India

Many mind machines are available in the USA (see They are all designed for stress and brainwave research, and not for students or exams.

Our mind machine is the only one designed for learning and exams to helps students. It could have happened only in India because the exams are so extremely important and there is so much competition.

Mind machine is our most powerful creation and I am known for mind machine and for a book (now free at

Only an Indian could have created both the products for the Indians.

Several thousands of our mind machines are in use, making them the largest selling mind machine in the world for students.

Mind Machine Works in 2 Ways

  • It changes your brainwaves in just 7 minutes, allowing you to enter the "learning state" and sharpen your concentration. It works instantly without you practicing methods for years. So you can study better and remember more in less time.
  • It programs your subconscious mind to build positive empowering beliefs and release negative, limiting beliefs, so you can make faster progress towards your goals.

It works easily and automatically without needing willpower or determination.

All you have to do is put on headphones and eyeglasses, and run a program, and in 7 minutes, your brainwaves changes and

It Works in 7 Minutes By Automatically Changing Your Brainwaves and Beliefs

Scientists have been able to isolate the brainwaves of geniuses, monks, and yogis, and then were able to create certain technology (which we'll discuss in a second) that allows anybody--no matter how good you already are--to be able to use this technology and have your brainwaves assume patterns that make learning easy because you are in a state, where you learn quickly and retain better.

All it takes is 7 minutes to use the new Mind Machine.

You can get the details of the 7 mind technologies used in the mind machine.

Changes Your Brainwaves in 7 Minutes
(So, You Enter the "Learning State")


First, it changes your brain waves in 7 minutes to those best for learning, so your body and mind enter a special state of alertness and deep relaxation that is just right for learning. We call it the "learning state."

In this state, the brain waves on the right side and the left side of your brain tend to move up and down together (called "hemispheric synchronization" or "integration of left brain and right brain").

Programming Your Subconscious Mind:
Two Stories to Build Positive & Empowering Beliefs and Release Limiting Beliefs

This is different than anything else you have ever heard before.

You hear a different story in each ear.

These stories are for just 7 to 12 minutes and have powerful beneficial messages as part of the stories.

Our mind tries to understand both stories but soon gives up.

And at that moment, you feel tremendous relaxation and the spoken messages from the stories reach your subconscious mind and change your beliefs.

This is the most powerful method of belief change because it is so easy to use.

How We Developed the Mind Machine

Raj Bapna photo Hello: My name is Raj Bapna. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

For years, I got good marks but nothing great up to class 10th which caused me to worry a lot about my future: studies and career.

Then just one year later, I got 5th rank in the Rajasthan Board, NTSE (NCERT) scholarship, and IITJEE 1102 rank, and as a result, studied at BITS and IIT, joined Intel in California... and finally returned to India to help students get more success.

I believe that you can become the best that you are capable of. And, my mission in life is to help you achieve that goal.

When I used a mind machine in the "Whole Life Expo" in Los Angeles in 1988, it was a very powerful experience. I felt so relaxed and things appeared clear. It felt like I was thinking better. So, when I returned to India to help students, I purchased a mind machine and brought it with me.

We spent over 2 years designing our first mind machine just for students. Our first version was developed during 1992-93 by a Ph.D. student at IIT Delhi, who later did important work for Silicon Graphics (a computer company in California).

We designed it for rough use and to last many, many years without any problem.

If we develop any new programs for the mind machine, they will all be available free to all mind machine owners via download.

Scientifically PROVEN Effective and SAFE

What Dr. Rudresh Vyas Says.
He Did a Ph.D. on Our Mind Machine ...

Dr. Vyas became interested in our mind machine when he saw a professor of psychology using it for his wife who was suffering a lot of pain due to cancer, and to his surprise, she got much pain relief. That's when Dr. Vyas decided to do a Ph.D. to see if the mind machine could help students to get more marks in exams.

"Mind machines are new for our country but in Western countries, such machines have been in use for more than 60 years mainly to improve academic and sports performance ... The device has been developed with the help of light and sound.

     They actually stimulate various parts of the brain and change the pattern of brainwaves in a jiffy.

     Through this process, the device can bring your mind to a level that can only be attained by practicing yoga and meditation which takes a long time."

     The title of my Ph. D. thesis was "The effects of electromagnetic waves and rhythmic sound on learning behaviour".

     I conducted comprehensive research using Mind Machine covering subjects like Neurology, Brain Chemistry, Physiology, and Psychology.

     Students were divided into two groups, a Control group, and an Experiment group. The experiment group was offered 60 sessions of Mind Machine.

     My conclusion from my Ph. D. research is that Mind Machine is useful for the improvement in academic performance...

     For my research, I was awarded Ph. D. in 2005 from Sardar Patel University, V.V. Nagar, Anand."

-- Dr. Rudresh Vyas, Dean of Psychology Department
at MTB Arts College, Surat. In an interview in DNA.

Proven: 2 Ph.D. Were Done on Our Mind Machine

Our mind machine was recommended by a Department of Psychology after 7 years of research by 5 Ph.D. scholars with 120 students"

  • 2 Ph.D. were done on the effects and results of our mind machine by
    (1) Dr. Poonam Dhaka at MLS University, Udaipur (Rajasthan) and
    (2) Dr. Rudresh Vyas at MTB Arts College, Surat (Gujarat).
  • 5 Ph.D. scholars at MLS University, Udaipur (Raj) have researched and used the mind machine with 120 students, and only then, after 7 years of research and practical experience, the Head of the Department of Psychology highly recommended it.
  • The university research scientifically proved that with our mind machine, students improve their scores in learning, get more marks and improve creativity

Highly Recommended by the Head of the Dept of Psychology Only After 7 Years of Research by 5 Ph.D. Scholars with 120 Students Proved it Effective and Safe

Only after it was proven effective and safe in 7 years of research by 5 Ph.D. scholars with 120 students did the Head of the Department of Psychology recommended it:

   "This is to certify that we have been using Raj Bapna's mind machines ... since 1998 for experiment and research in our department.

     I first started with guiding my research student Ms. Poonam Dhaka to study the effects of these mind machines ... involving 120 students and this research led to the award of a Ph.D. in the year 2000 and the thesis is titled: An Experimental Study of Mind Power Techniques among Teenagers in Relation to Certain Psychological Variables ...

     ... Based on our use, research and experience with these mind machines ..., we highly recommend use of Raj Bapna's mind machines ... for anyone including schools, colleges, coaching classes, libraries, teachers, and individual students and executives."

-- Dr. Vijaya Laxmi Chouhan, MA, Ph.D., Head, Dept of Psychology
Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Below is the complete 2-page certificate by the head of the Dept of Psychology.


Not for Everybody

It is not for those undergoing treatment with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

It is also not for students up to class 8th.

But, if your family or you can afford it, then it is a powerful tool to help study with sharper concentration, remember more in less time, and do your best in exams.

It is for You If You are

  • Student in class 9 to college and preparing for exams.
  • Working person who needs to take exams for promotion or higher salary as part of the software, managerial, banking, and defense jobs.
  • Person who wants help with stress. Our Stress Buster program which is for adults including business owners and men/women who don't work or are retired (modern life has a lot of stress).
  • Religious gurus, monks, and normal people interested in spiritual growth. Includes meditation programs.


Mind Machine Silver Package
Discount Price: Rs 15,100

The package has hardware
and ALEM programs
(You need to have your own headphones with 3.5mm pin)

You get everything described below including all the hardware and a pen drive containing all the 5 mind machine programs of ALEM.

Just copy these mp3 files from the pen drive to your mobile phone or PC.

You get all the hardware, 5 ALEM programs, and 6 meditation programs for your mobile.

All Hardware (Need Your Own Headphones)

Includes the Mind Machine CPU, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, 2 Stereo Cables, 6 Alkaline Pencil Cells, and Pen Drive Pre-Loaded with the Mind Machine Programs.

You need your own headphones. If you don't have WIRED stereo headphones, you can order on Amazon. You can use on-ear or in-ear headphones. Here are some links: Koss - Philips - Sony - Logitech

5 ALEM (Accelerated Learning and Exam Mastery) Programs

If you are a student preparing for an important exam, ALEM is the single most important set of 5 mind machine programs.

You get these 5 ALEM programs.

  • 2 Programs: ALEM201 and ALEM202 (74 minutes each).
    Use them when you start studying or continue studying. The goal is to put you or keep you in the Learning State.
  • 3 Programs: ALEM203, ALEM204, and ALEM205 (29 minutes each).
    Use them when you go to sleep at night. The goal is to program your subconscious mind with positive beliefs and to eliminate negative beliefs, so you can enter the learning state quickly, easily, or for exam mastery.

Start with ALEM201. When you start studying, use the Mind Glasses, and then after about 7 minutes when the lights in the Mind Glasses stop, remove the Mind Glasses but continue to use the headphones for as long as you want. When this program ends, remove your headphones and continue studying without the Mind Glasses, or use ALEM202 again and again.

How to Use It for Mind Programming When Going to Sleep for Accelerated Learning and Exam Mastery.

For the first 2 months, use it when you go to sleep at night. After 2 months, you can use them as often as you like.

Subconscious Mind Programming to Enter the Learning State (ALEM203 and ALEM 204)

Both help your body and mind to learn to enter the Learning State. They build empowering beliefs and release limiting beliefs, so you can concentrate better, study for longer periods, learn faster, remember more and achieve a breakthrough in your learning to get maximum success.

Try each Program for 3 days, and then use the one you like the best.

Subconscious Mind Programming for Exam Mastery (ALEM205)

If exam anxiety/nervousness is a big problem for you, ALEM205 is very important for you because it helps you get the most out of your hard work during exam hours. It builds empowering beliefs and releases limiting beliefs, so you can take exams with speed, accuracy, and confidence, and without stress or nervousness as well as avoid silly mistakes.

Wait... You Also Get These Bonuses ...

Plus, You Also Get
Bonus #1

Stress-Buster (5 Mind Machine Programs)

It is a very detailed step-by-step program. It will help with overcoming stress even if nothing else has worked in the past.

This package is for everyone including executives, business owners, doctors, engineers, parents, and others in the family who are not students.

Expect wonderful benefits of relaxation, deep sleep, peak performance, and healing.

You get these 5 Programs.

  • Stress Buster #1 - Voice, Nature, and Music (59 minutes)
  • Stress Buster #2 - Nature and Music (59 minutes)
  • Stress Buster #3 - Nature and Music (59 minutes)
  • Stress Buster #4 - Pure Nature (59 minutes)
  • Stress Buster #5 - Pure Nature (59 minutes)

Price Rs 1,370

Plus, You Also Get
Bonus #2

8 Meditation Programs for the Mind Machine:
3 Alpha Programs +
3 Theta Programs +
2 Delta Programs

These 8 powerful meditation programs are for your family members now. You can use them later when you are in a job or business.

Alpha Meditation has the following 3 Programs, each 29 minutes long.

Use it for 1-3 months.

Alpha-1: Beginner's Meditation.

This program is to help your body and mind learn to relax and begin to meditate easily with alpha brain waves.

Use the Alpha-1 program for 2 months. Use it at least once daily when you go to sleep at night. You can also use this during day time. Out of the total of 29 min, 13 min has my voice offering gentle suggestions for making breakthrough improvements in your experience of relaxation and meditation.

  • Alpha-2: Alpha Ganzfield Meditation (29 min)
  • Alpha-3: Alpha Ganzfield Meditation (29 min)

Theta Meditation

You get the following 3 Programs.

  • Theta-1: Theta Meditation with DAPS (29 min)
  • Theta-2: Theta Ganzfield Meditation (29 min)
  • Theta-3: Theta Ganzfield Meditation (29 min)

Delta Meditation Deepest Meditation for Advanced Meditators only.

You get the following 2 Programs.

  • Delta-1: Delta Meditation and Deep Sleep with DAPS (29 min)
  • Delta-2: Delta Ganzfield Meditation and Deep Sleep (29 min)

While Delta-1 Program is with DAPS, Delta-2 Program is without DAPS and provides Ganzfield.

Delta meditation is deeper than both theta and alpha.

Price Rs 1,750

Plus, You Also Get
Awake and Energize Program

This amazing program changes your brainwaves so you feel awake and energized to take on the challenges and do what needs to be done.

It is so powerful that the program is for 5 minutes only.

Price Rs 990

There are 2 Types of People in this World

First, those who are closed-minded and judge something before they enen try it.

Second, those who are open-minded and willing to try something new and then decide based on their own experience.

If you feel the mind machine may be right for you, just imagine how sharper concentration will give you an unfair advantage in exams and help you get more success in life.

Lifelong Benefits for You and Your Family

The mind machine is designed to benefit you and your family for years and years.

Stress-Buster and meditations are for others in your family. Later, after you are in a job or business, these programs will also become useful for you.

Guarantee of Sharper Concentration, Better Memory, and Reduced Stress

You will study with sharper concentration and remember more of what you learn in 7 days OR get a 100% refund.

Use it for 7 days, and you will study with sharper concentration and fewer distractions. You'll remember better. You'll also sleep better, and you'll feel more confident. If not, simply post the complete package in its original packing by Speed Post or good a courier, and on receiving the parcel (it will take some days to reach us, and that is ok), we refund 100% of your purchase price back to the same card or account.

No questions asked. What could be more fair?

A refund is not available outside India because of high postage charges and complex laws regarding foreign currencies.

The Missing Piece That Makes All the Difference

For success in extremely tough competitive exams, you have to work hard to learn all the course material.

Everybody tries to do so, but there is too much to study and not enough time.

Smartphones and social media have created a new challenge: most students find it hard to concentrate because of distractions from social media and smartphones. This is changing the game of success.

So, the missing link is finding tools and techniques that minimize social media distractions, enabling more efficient study and better retention for exams.

The Mind Machine is a powerful solution to this problem. As you'll see below, mind machines have been proven to work by PhD research as well as by nearly 10,000 users.

Is the Mind Machine for You

  1. You are preparing for a highly competitive exam and it is very very important for you and your family that you get success.
  2. You are ambitious and you have already joined local or online coaching classes and working hard to study with the best course material and teachers.
  3. You are doing well and may get success even without coaching or my mind tools, but because you realize that only a small percentage of aspirants get success, you are looking for new ways to achieve maximum success and get ahead of others.

Discount Price and How to Order

Discount Price and How to Order

Proof of Success

Had doubts whether it will work for me or not ...

Arjun KP, 12th CBSE, Kannur, Kerala

Before ordering I had doubts whether it will work for me or not. I had purchased your book Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques last year and I found it very helpful during studies especially the Topper's Daily Routine. So I wanted to buy Mind machine too... I decided to take a risk. Also considering CBSE 12th syllabus I felt that Mind machine may help me. And hence I decided to Order it on Onam Holidays(Festival of Kerala).

I had problems on memorising some Topics in Physics and Maths. I also had problems on concentrating after long hours of study. Because of this I couldn't study for long hours. I also wished to improve my total personality & be relaxed. In addition I had exam fear so I try to make sure that I didn't leave out anything & even then I will not be satisfied.The difficulty of the syllabus made it worse & I then decided that I should buy the Mind machine.

I got the Mind machine 2 weeks before. I opened the packing in the evening & since I was tired after class (from 9.30am till 5.00pm) I decided to use Awake & Energise program. Within 5 Minutes I was very energised. Next day evening I used ALEM 201 before studies,& I decided to study. You may not believe it, but the chapter which I studied (Current Electricity) is still in my mind! And then I understood the power of Mind machine. As my 1st term exams are going on now I use ALEM201 for studying & ALEM205 (Exam Preparation) when I go to sleep. The meditation programs & Om, Namokar are also very relaxing. Now I feel that my study time is the best time. Mind machine will help me prepare for AISSCE ... Thank you for creating such a masterpiece!

Of course I will recommend it to students. It is not Mind machine, it is Success Machine. Since it is a new technology, people may have doubts like I had. But it is real. It does change the brainwaves into the desired frequency. I recommend all students to use it & feel the benefits themselves.

I had doubts whether I would receive the Mind Machine from you and whether it would work for me

Deepanjan Neogi, BBA 2015 Passed Out, Kolkata, W.B.

I had doubts whether I would receive the Mind Machine from you and whether it would work for me. After reading the reviews and feedback from various sources, finally I decided to buy it. At first, money was really an issue but, later, I was able to convince my father to purchase it. I waited for 2-3 moths and finally I ordered it at the beginning of 2015. There are other players in the market e.g. Proteus, Procyon etc. But this Super IQ 7 Mind Machined is developed especially for Indian students. Hence, I decided to purchase it.

Before ordering the mind machine, I had many problems. I could not concentrate for a long time in my studies, I was not able to perform in the exams up to the mark etc. After studying for 20-30 mins, I was taking break for another 1-1.5 hours. That's why I was not able to get enough time for self study. Even during the long periods in the college, I was not able to concentrate properly at the end of the period. That's why, I was getting low scores in exams and was performing worse than my competitors. Also my vocabulary was below average. Getting a low percentage in the graduation degree leads to various problems during the job interview as well as admission in the Master's degree. Hence, I was really worried.

I have been using the mind machine once or twice a week. It really improved my concentration. I could not score well in my 10th and 10+2 exams. I was far away from getting the top 10 positions in my schools. After using the mind machine, ... I stood 1st in BBA final semester exam and stood 2nd in my BBA course in our college. The mind machine has improved my memory, reduced stress and tensions, increased mental clarity, creativity, problem solving skills, focus & concentration. It also helps me to meditate.

I would surely recommend it to students but only to those students who want to be better in their academic life as well as personal life and are really serious about it. Mind machine is not a magic machine with the help of which a student can perform well in studies without any hard and smart work. When someone is using this machine properly, he/she is surely getting an advantage over the non-users. Having the mind machine is just like having a Lamborghini in a car race where others are using Tata Nano. But it does not mean that he/she has already won the race. He/she would have to work hard .. and must have the determination to win the race. The same is true for mind machine as well. It would complement the effort of a student.

First I was having doubt whether to buy the mind machine or not ... my problems regarding concentration, studies were solved ...

Mohammad Javed Khan, Pre Medical Student, Rampur, Maharastra

First I was having doubt whether to buy the mind machine or not, but when I read about it then I felt I need it to improve my concentration and to improve my marks. I took 2 months to decide. Then I saved my pocket money and bought it.

I was unable to concentrate much on studies, and use to get get diverted very fast. Because of it I was getting less marks and I was also having negative attitude.

By using mind [machine], my problems regarding concentration, studies were solved, my attitude also improved.

It is very good instrument for students who are preparing mainly for competitive exam, it gives you an extra edge in exam.

After I got my stipends during internship,
I started to make a plan for it ...

Subrata Roy, MBBS, 2015, Kolkata, WB

Well, I ordered Mind power study technique book 6yrs back while preparing for joint entrance, I came to know about mind machines back then from the book but I could not afford it back then. After I got my stipends during internship, I started to make a plan for it & ultimately bought it 6 months back!!

I read about the machine, that it could relax one within 15-30 minutes. My duty schedule was going heavy. I wanted to relax quickly & thought that mind machine could serve my purpose.So I ordered it.And also I wanted to study in the active learning state to get maximum benefit.

Ok, after buying I first gone through the user guide so that I can use it to fullest benefit. During my exhaustive schedule of internship, I used few of meditation programme along with ALEM 203-205 to have deep relaxation & good sleep. The machine helped me a lot to achieve that.Now,I also use Alem 201 & 202 before starting my reading to achieve the learning state while preparing for post graduate medical entrance.

[Would I recommend it?] Yes, very much, for the students who always want to use their ability of doing anything to their highest limit. Mind machine is really one of its kind. Indian students can easily get benefited with the use of this new scientific technology. Sideways I would also recommend highly to use Mind Power Study Technique book, as I got immense help during H.S & in medical school period.

Waited for almost a year before I decided to buy it

Anand Gogia, 42 years, Delhi

I waited for almost a year before I decided to buy it ... now realize I made a wise decision.

Before I first heard about this machine, I had been struggling hard for memory retention, concentration and focus. I could not pin my brain on an issue and my mind would stray discreetly and I was off-track. ... The DAPS technology is really helpful in overcoming this problem area.

My problem apart, my son is a school-going student. He was also facing the same difficulty of focus and concentration in his studies. Now he's been showing marked improvement ... in his academic activities...

...I would recommend it to every goal-setter. I would only say that this a wonderful supplement to one's arduous hardwork and worth-giving a chance.

was not sure about its authentic distribution as whether I will get it after payment or it is fake website ...

Amit Maheshwari
Dhar, MP

When I searched for it, I was not sure about its authentic distribution as whether I will get it after payment or it is fake website. There were not surety that I will received it. But when I called the customer care no. given in web, I made sure after gotten to know other people's experience and articles. I research about it from other media for a week, then I made other to buy it.

... of course, I recommend it to all my friends and family members to use at least one time then check its amazing results. One thing for which I also recommend it that ridding of frustration. In the busy life and high competition era when a person does not succeed than he gets frustrate. This frustration spoils their life.

was having doubt whether it will work or not ...

Rama Dass, Job, Bahadurgarh, Haryana

I was having doubt whether it will work or not. I have waited 2 or 3 days before order first I did all study going through mind machine website after watching review I ordered instantly.

I was not able to concentrate on study I couldn't sit continue to study due this I was unable to get knowledge regarding my subject knowledge

But after using it I feel relaxed n concentrates more study more beneficial for me

I would like to recommend to other student who wants effective way because all things are so easy to understand n I get quick response from this team very helpful I am very happy with response

Doubts, issues, benefits …

Gaurav Upadhyay, Pilot, Gondia, Maharastra

I had these doubts :
1. Biggest doubt was that "will it be as effective as claimed?"
2. Whether my money investment was right.
3. Whether it will help me study more and clear my interviews and exams?
4. I waited for about 2 weeks before deciding to buy this machine.
5. Finally, my inability to study by myself ad an upcoming exam expedited my decision to order.

Before ordering mind machine, I faced these issues:
1. I was not able to concentrate at all.
2. After 10-12 hours of work and duty, I hardly had any energy or interest left to study.
3. I was forgetful of whatever I studied.
4. I was under confident of being successful in the first attempt.

I got these benefits from using the mind machine:
1. The biggest benefit was that it cut down many of my distractions.
2. Secondly, the belief that I can succeed became stronger after using the machine.
3. My memory and retention has increased.
4. I can relax and sleep much better now.

Yes, I would definitely recommend this to youngsters and students who are appearing for some difficult exams and competitions. It gives you an advantage that others won’t have in any competition. Although it may appear to be a bit over-priced for a student, I think its a worthy investment considering the benefits it can have on your career and life.

Initially, I thought it a bit expensive ...

Subhra Jyoti Borah
Assistant Professor
Guwahati, Assam

Initially I thought it a bit expensive, but after understanding about the positive effects and how it enables us to concentrate more.

I was unable to concentrate properly, but after using mind machine, I am able to give focus on my work with better concentration.

Life is better, as I feel more energized to do my work, without feeling lethargic.

I would definitely recommend it to others, mostly students who are preparing for competitive exams.

had a doubt whether I can assemble or properly use the mind machine ...

Paulami Sahu
Faculty, Central University
Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat

I had a doubt whether I can assemble or properly use the mind machine or not. Then I decided to buy it because I feel I really require it.

I had a poor memory and I had to spend sleepless nights due to huge stress before using mind machine...

Using the stress buster I can really sleep well and I can manage to do all the work with confidence.

Definitely I would recommend it to others.

a repeat buyer ...

Kunal Vaidya
Software Engineer
Bangalore, Karnataka

As a repeat buyer of the mind machine, I did not have any doubts of the machine itself. Also, I know the eCommerce is really reliable these days so online payment is a convenient way to pay... me and a friend were discussing about "Study technique" book we used in our childhood and I just searched online and found the site. once that was done I purchased the new machine within a week.

One of the main issue that I had and which most people have nowadays is the stress and lack of relaxation. there is always something wanting our attention from family, work issues. to constant buzzing of the phone. we don't have the opportunity to turn off and concentrate on ourself and think about our problems clearly.

So spending 30 minutes relaxing and focussing with the mind machine is the best meditation we can have.

Mind machine helps to relax and reach a meditative state which we can call upon whenever we need to relax or develop our focus. Regular use of the machine also trains the brain to relax and focus on our command as it now know that we are in control of our thoughts now. This is also extremely useful for student who want a quick focus builder in between their revision break. Mind machine is very useful for professionals who are struggling whole day with work life balance and need an outlet to get some "me" time

Second machine: this was purchased last year end and was really helpful in relaxation and stress relieving. One really personal way this machine has helped me and my Mom was to help us grieve a sudden and tragic loss of my talented friend. we were in shock with the death at a young age and couldn't recover easily. in this time the machine helped my Mom sleep. every waking moment was a constant reminder of what we were going through and sleep is very critical in this situation. Thus the machine can also help in stressful, sad, situations where one may slip into depression. it helps bring out the positives by helping us focus on what we want. Under normal circumstances it is difficult to focus as the negative emotions will intrude in train of thoughts. First machine: 1997/98 I was in school 8th standard probably and purchased it after reading the "study techniques" books. in those days the payment was VPP and machine required a cassette player and adapters. I had to purchase and power adapter for my walk-man so that I can play these tapes for long time. it helped me relax and concentrate on studies. I would plan the timing between my study sessions so that the relaxing programming would help memory to stabilise and also help in revision as per the revision plan recommended by Raj Bapna in the study technique book.. Everyone whom I had demoed the machine felt relaxed and fell asleep.

of course I do recommend the machine for student. This machine will help them improve their utilization of precious time they have when studying and when used along with the study and revision planning explained in the "study techniques " book it can be really powerful tool for a student. Also, this is not advertised but the machine usage can also help recovery from sad experiences as it has helped us recover from a loss of a friend. My complete feedback below. I now have purchased two mind machines from this institute and my first one was purchased long time back when it required a cassette player. I highly recommend this machine for students wishing to learn, professionals wishing to relax and focus, and anyone else who is living a stressful life.

As a middle class worker the cost was more for me I had doubt ...

B S Rajput
2005 IAF
Phalodi, Rajasthan

If its about risk /fear/doubt so truly speaking the all was in me because as a middle class workr the cost was more for me I had doubt what will happened if all cd will contain some mind relaxing music which I can get from any google play app but after received I founded my self totally wrong. I waited for ordering it 8 year though I was reading about it in many competition books since I enrolled and I had first experience of mind machine when one of my senior bought it when its was come in cassettes and a small Walkman with lots of book.

Finally after long again I started my study for some competition exam but I found my self with no concentration and same time my eyes stopped on Mml advertisement money was no issue so immediately ordered it.

Main problem I was facing was lack of concentration and forgetting the material which already prepared. So my hard work also not giving me that confidence which needs for success.

Though I was not able to use mind machine after receiving for 7 days because of so busyness in job but when I stared to use it first of all I used it for mind relaxing and really I forgot all the tension all around me. Then for reading now I am able to retain things long and as well as studying for long time with mind machine . So somewhere life changed little bit and I can felt it clearly.

Definitely after satisfied experience I immediately shared my feeling with my co- workers as well as my relatives. Answer for why is not easy because buyer will have to feel him/her self as changes after using it can't be express in words. I just want to say if u want it don't think more no need to think its a true discovery it will give u two or three things more than what u will expect.

I didn't do well in my engineering ...

Kapil Trivedi
Student at PG Diploma in Advance Computing at CDAC
Hyderabad, Telangana

1. How hard was it for you to order the mind machine and what doubts did you have :
I didn't do well in my engineering. I come to know(after graduation) that I had been suffering from a serious thyroid problem. Now I am recovered from that problem. In 2014 I had worked in a call centre(in night shift) just to purchase mind machine. Now I am feeling blessed with mind machine. In 2007, ... I had decided to purchase mind machine but I was able to purchase it 7 years later i.e in the year 2014.

2. What struggle / difficulty were you facing before using the mind machine and how did it affect your life? :
Due to thyroid problem my academics are average or below average. But I have learned what thing I should not do to avoid such situations. 3. How did the mind machine help and how is your life different now? : Now I can think as fast as a computer thinks. Now I am feeling blessed with mind machine.

I like to try new things, experimenting them and seek results in any manner ...

Dr. Piyush Madaan
BDS, Preparing for PG
Malaudh, Ludhiana (Pb)

... I like to try new things, experimenting them and seek results in any manner. I had to wait for more then 5-6years because of money issue.

Before mind machine, main problem: I use to change my routine, it is very difficult to fix it, and when I change it I usually face problems in getting sleep. Another thing was memory and ability to grasp much much information at once, I like to study more and more, But brain started to feel exhausted after some time. Third thing is Meditation, I do regular meditation on daily basis. I wanted to improve that even with more speed.

After mind machine: Now I can sleep in fraction of minutes, Its good for people with insomnia. Another thing is now I can study for much much longer time then before...

This [mind machine] is a good thing ... u have to use it on daily basis for at least a period of month. If u are facing problems in concentration and memory or in sleep then you should buy this...

[My doubt was] how the mind machine is useful for business people like me ...

Vijay Battar
business owner
Hyderabad, Telangana

Ordering mind machine was easy, as I was old customer for Raj Bapna's study techniques & other products. [My doubt was] how the mind machine is useful for business people like me.

As a business person I have lots of responsibilities & job stress, as a result I had difficulties in coping up with them, mind machine helped me to overcome stress, & now its easy for me to handle stress & other responsibilities related to my business.

Mind Machine helped me to overcome day to day stress in my business, as a result I am more effective & productive in my business.

I would certainly recommend to others.

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