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Mind Machine, Course, and Audio Programs for Studies and Exams

For Students of Class 9th to Ph.D. Level as well as Working Professionals for Certification and Departmental Exams for Promotions

Raj Bapna photoHello, my name is Raj Bapna.

I am from Udaipur (Rajasthan).

After leaving Intel in California (USA) in 1991, I have helped over 5 lakh students to study better to get more marks in exams.

Mind Machine, Course,
and Audio Programs
for Studies and Exams

Mind Machine
(Electronics Equipment)

Is social media making it harder to study for your exam?

This new electronics tool gives you sharper concentration in just 7 minutes.

It helps you to study smart despite the smartphones distractions.

The price starts at Rs 14,700.

Click here for details.

MPST2 (Topper's 9 Secrets)
(Book + Videos)

Now, after 30 years, I created a new course called MPST2. You get a book with free videos from a live Zoom class.

It is the next development after Mind Power Study Techniques (MPST), so we call it "MPST2".

It teaches how to study better in the new world of social media distractions.

The price starts at Rs 7,900.

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Mind Power Music
Self-Improvement Audio Library

It is for students who want to study better and get more success.

Here are some of the benefits: Memory & Concentration, Will Power & Determination, Relaxation & Stress Management.

The price starts at Rs 997.

Click here for details.

Exam Mastery Audio Program
Subconscious Mind Programming

To take exams with speed, accuracy, and confidence without stress or nervousness and to avoid silly mistakes.

The price is Rs 1,470.

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Who Orders: Parents or Students?

  • Parents, who used my book when they were students and my book changed their lives. Those parents order it for their children.
  • Ambitious students, who want to get an extra edge and unfair advantage in competition.

3 New Dangerous Trends Why Many Smart Students Fail

  1. Social Media is Reducing Concentration
  2. Competition is Getting Harder
  3. Coaching Alone Is Not Enough for Success

Dangerous Trend #1
Social Media is Reducing Concentration

Now social media and smartphones are reducing our concentration, which makes it so much harder to study for most students.

Those who can concentrate have a huge advantage in competitive exams.

Dangerous Trend #2
Competition is Getting Harder

In most tough competitive exams, out of every 10,000 who appear in the exams, only 20 to 200 get success.

In other words, out of every 100,000, as many as 99,000 to 99,800 fail in the competitive exams in India.

Dangerous Trend #3
Coaching Alone Is Not Enough for Success

As shown above, less than 1 percent of aspirants get success in many of the tough competitive exams in India, though as many as half the students might join coaching. What it means is that over 90% of students who join coaching fail.

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