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Toppers 9 (MPST2)
Easy & Fast Video Training

How to Study Faster, Remember More, and Get More Marks in Exams

This Training Gives You an Unfair Advantage Against Others in Competitive Exams.

Easy-to-Use and Fast-to-Benefit Video Training

There are no books or notes to read and memorize.

All you have to do is watch simple, step-by-step videos.

  • You'll benefit on the first day as you watch the first video.
  • Each video makes you more effective and better at studies, concentration, and memory quickly.
  • Everything is given in a simple and step-by-step way, so you can learn it easily and quickly.

Unfortunate Fact in India:
Coaching Alone Is Not Enough for Success

There are so many people in India for every important exams that only less than 1 percent of aspirants get success.

So, most students join coaching.

But, unfortunately, more than 90% of students who join coaching fail.

What does it mean to you?

To remember that coaching alone is not enough to get success. So, you must know/do something new, different, or special to get an unfair advantage against others.

This video training and mind machine helps you to get such an unfair advantage.

3 Big Problems Students Face When Preparing for Exams

The 3 big problems are:

Big Problem #1
Too Much Course Material (Huge Syllabus)

There is too much course material to study and memorize, but no systematic way to know what chapters/topics you know well, which you don't, and what to study/revise next.

Big Problem #2
Not Enough Time

There is not enough time to finish the whole syllabus for the first time and then revise again and again to memorize well for exams.

Big Problem #3
Cannot Remember in Exams

What they do learn, they cannot remember/recall confidently in stressful exams and make silly mistakes. So, they get lower marks than what they are capable of.

If you think you also face one or more of these problems, pay close attention because this information can change your life.

And ...

3 New Dangerous Trends Why Many Smart Students Fail

Dangerous Trend  1 

Social Media is Reducing Concentration

Now social media and smartphones are reducing our concentration, which makes it so much harder to study for most students.

Those who can concentrate have a huge advantage in competitive exams.

Dangerous Trend  2 

Competition is Getting Harder

In most tough competitive exams, out of every 10,000 who appear in the exams, only 20 to 200 get success.

In other words, out of every 100,000, as many as 99,000 to 99,800 fail in the competitive exams in India.

Dangerous Trend  3 

Coaching Alone Is Not Enough for Success

As shown above, less than 1 percent of aspirants get success in many of the tough competitive exams in India, though as many as half the students might join coaching. What it means is that over 90% of students who join coaching fail.

It is fast-to-benefit. You'll benefit on the first day as you watch the first video.

Each video makes you more effective and better at studies, concentration, and memory quickly.

Learn from My Mistakes, Failures, and Successes

It works and changes the lives of students because

  • What you will learn is based on my personal experience and from the experience of thousands of my students over 30+ years.
  • What you will learn is not something I've just read in a book last night.

One Mistake Changed My Grades from All A Grades to Mostly C Grades at Pilani

Please note that I still was an ordinary student who somehow got great results. So, when I made a stupid mistake in "thinking" during a semester, I got 1 B and 4Cs.

You'll learn from the mistake I made, so you do not make the same mistake.

From Ordinary Student to Topper
Board Rank and Increased Marks from 85.3% to 97% in One Subject

In class 10th Board, I got 88.44% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, BUT I got only 48% marks in Social Studies (now called Social Sciences).

Then, in class 11th Board (there was no 12th in Rajasthan and I went to Pilani for B.E. after 11th class), I got much higher marks as if by magic.

My marks in Chemistry increased from 85.3% to 97% with the 5th rank merit in the whole state and my name came in the newspapers.

From Ordinary Student to Big Success
IITJEE Rank and NCERT Scholarship

Plus, I got rank # 1102 in IITJEE. That was remarkable because I studied 11th class in Hindi medium, and took IITJEE in English medium while competing against the students of 12th class English medium.

Plus, I also got the NTSE scholarship from NCERT (awarded to only 100 students from the whole country in that year).

A Lucky Event Changed My Life in Class 10th (In Just 2 Months As If By Magic)

Raj Bapna photoMy name is Raj Bapna.

I am from Udaipur (Rajasthan).

After leaving Intel in California (USA) in 1991, I have helped over 5 lakh students to study better to get more marks in exams.

I wrote the book "Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques" 30 years ago. This book changed the way many students studied and how many coaching institutes taught in India.

We updated and fine-tuned it almost every year.

Now, after 30 years, I created a totally new system called MPST2. You get videos from a live Zoom class.

It it the next edition of Mind Power Study Techniques (MPST), so we call it "MPST2".

We also call it Toppers 9 video course because it teaches Toppers 9 Secrets on how to use techniques in the new world of social media distractions.

The Lucky Event

What happened in one year (that made such a big difference)?

The improvement and change were so fast, it is hard to believe. It all happened as if by magic.

I was the same student, but my results became much better.

Here is what happened: I was selected by the Rajasthan government to be mentored for 2 months along with about 70 other talented science students.

Many experts came and mentored us. That was my life's best learning experience (yes, better than my experience at BITS, Pilani, and IIT, Kharagpur).

During those 2 summer months, I improved a lot very quickly which gave me big success just one year later.

Plus, I also got top grades at BITS, Pilani.

New for You ... Make Huge Improvements and Get Much Better Results in Exams

I was lucky to get selected in class 10th to join a 2-month training of talented science students in Rajasthan.

I realized much later that I was magically changed by that summer training and mentoring.

With this new realization, I asked myself, "Is there any way I can offer all the benefits of my summer training to small groups of students who are like me when I was in 10th? Those who are smart and hardworking just like I was, and getting some success just like I was getting, but not getting the big success they are capable of getting. Just like I was.

"Can I offer a live online training and mentoring program?", I asked.

This resulted in my new 7-module training and mentoring program for those students who are now like Raj Bapna of the 10th class.

You'll experience the best of what I learned in those 2 months and then 42 years of additional experience and training on brain, memory, and success.

So, I ask you, "Are you like me when I was in 10th class?"

That is, are you smart and hardworking, and getting some level of success? But, you know you are capable of much more if the right mentor can show you a clear, step-by-step path.

If that describes you, then I am looking for you. I have created this training and mentoring program just for you. And so, I want to invite you to join because it will change your life.

If you are like me, I know you are also honest, so I'll offer you a money-back guarantee. If you are not surprised by how much better you become, just email me for a full, 100% refund.

I want you to get more success than I got, and so I want to guide you, train you, hold your hand and take you step-by-step to the next level.

It is Not for Everyone

I am looking for a small group of my ideal students who are like me when I was in class 10th and ready for bigger success.

At that time, I was smart and hardworking and was getting some success, but my life changed when I got a chance to be mentored in a 2-month summer program. I want to give you a similar opportunity.

I want to invite you IF YOU ARE LIKE ME

  • You are smart and want to get bigger success in exams for admissions or jobs.
  • You are confident of learning your subjects (whether you have joined coaching or do self-study).
  • You are willing to do your best because success is important to you and your family.


  • You want to get an unfair advantage for success in exams/competitions.
  • You want to study with concentration despite distractions due to smartphones and social media.
  • You have to cover a huge syllabus in the limited time before the exams.
  • You want to remember what you study and recall during exams so that you can get more marks and higher rank (to make your and your family's dream come true).
  • You would like to get my help and guidance to make the dream come true.

If the above describes you, then continue to read below to find out how I can help you to maximize your success.

Who Orders This:
Parents or Students?

  • Parents, who used my book when they were students and my book changed their lives. They became from ordinary to extraordinary. They learned to dream big and work hard to make their dreams come true. Those parents buy it for their children.
  • Ambitious students, who want to get an extra edge and unfair advantage in competition.

Whether you are a parent or a student, please read below and get this training.

3 Steps for Studies and Exam Preparation:
How to Learn, Memorize, and Get Marks

This training is not theory, but practical training that gives immediate results.

With each chapter and video, you'll see the changes and feel the changes.

  1. Step #1: LEARN for the First Time
    You'll learn how to use books, notes, and get help from teachers, how to concentrate, and how to increase your IQ.
  2. Step #2: MEMORIZE What You Learned
    You'll learn how to use my instant notes, how to read faster for revisions, and how to revise in a systematic way.
  3. Step #3: GET Maximum MARKS in Exams
    You'll learn how to use practice tests, how to answer faster in exams to cover all questions, and how to be in a state of relaxed confidence in the exams for best performance.

My video training shows you best way for each of these 3 steps of studies and exam preparation.

Introducing ...

Easy-to-Use Video Training

There are no books or manuals to read. All you have to do is watch the videos. Everything is given in a simple and step-by-step way, so you can learn it easily and quickly.

How This Training Will Benefit You

With it, you will

  • Confidently cover the syllabus and effectively use your time.
  • Write exams more confidently and make fewer silly mistakes.
  • Revise systematically to remember better.
  • Learn faster with more concentration, remember better

Benefit from Our Experience of Helping 5 Lakh Students for 30+ Years

It is based on the experience of thousands of my students. I also taught the same to my daughter to prepare for engineering entrance just 2 years ago.

So, this is new and you cannot get it anywhere else.

Module #7 ...
From Procrastination to Commitment

This training is not theory, but practical training that gives immediate results.

The training can change your life because, during the training, you'll pick one important work or task that you want to do, but somehow postpone.

Then, I'll guide you step-by-step for you to change it from procrastination to commitment.

You'll learn a secret technique and use it to change from procrastination to commitment.

This secret technique will help you lifelong.

Don't be surprised if you cry when you discover that you can stop postponement and make commitments. Some cry when they realize the secret technique is so easy, why nobody else taught it to them because their life would have been much more successful and happier.

Module #3 ...

This training is not theory, but practical training that gives immediate results.

The training can change your life because you'll know exactly how to revise in a systematic way to remember what you learn in classrooms or at home.

Then, I'll guide you step-by-step for you to change from an unfocused and un-systematic way to a clear and systematic way that is proven.

You'll learn a secret technique and use it.

This secret technique will help you lifelong.


It includes training on "Fast Notes". You learn a super easy and fast way for notes, so you can revise faster and easily identify what you need to revise more and which you need to revise less.

Module #1 ...

This training by itself changes lives.

In this training, you'll discover:

  • 4 key mindsets determine who gets success and who fails.
  • 2 success tools that empower you.
  • You'll commit and decide to focus and work hard for your success.
  • What happened to me in the 2 months of summer after class 10th changed my life and changed me from an ordinary student to a topper.
  • More insights.

List of All Video Modules

  • Module #1: Topper's 4 Mindsets and 2 Success Tools
  • Module #2: Concentration and IQ
  • Module #3: 4 Habits for Systematic Revision & Fast Notes
  • Module #4: Faster Reading and Q&A
  • Module #5: 3 Methods of Relaxed Confidence in Exam
  • Module #6: Questions & Answers Session
  • Module #7: From Procrastination to Commitment

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How the Videos are Delivered to You

  • You download all the videos and PDFs to keep on your laptop/PC harddrive or mobile memory/card.
  • This is video only without live classes, so you can learn at your convenience.
  • For children up to class 8, parents should watch the videos first and teach your son/daughter what you like most.

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Use it for 30 days and if not 100% happy, just email and ask for a full refund. We'll issue refund within 24 hours, and the money goes back to the same account from which you paid within 2-3 days and it all happens automatically by

The Complete Video Training

All the 7 modules above.

Also Get: Faster Learning Audio Program

For brainwave change and mind programming using your mobile phone.

Changes brainwaves to help study with sharper concentration and more.

Scientifically proven.

Available separately for Rs 1,595 here.

Rs 6,700 Only

Get the Above with Live 7 Week Q&A

You join a live Q&A session on Wednesday at 8pm each week. It includes clarifications and Q&A. The session continues as long as needed up to 2 hours.

Rs 14,900 Only


To apply, just pay Rs 1,000. We'll call you to answer any questions and find out if you are a friendly person, to determine if you are a right fit for this. If you are not a right fit, we'll refunnd your Rs 1,000 deposit. Otherewise, you can pay the remaining amount.

Rs 1,000 Now
(to be refunded if you are not selected)

Our New Mission (2023)
Lower Price or Free

Our mission is to help more and more students study better for success in their exams. So, we'll keep reducing prices of our digital products and also offer some products for free.

My #1 best-selling book is now free at

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