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Mind Power Music
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Scientifically Proven By University Research & PhD

Who this is for?

It is popular among students, engineers, doctors and other working professionals, business owners, and housewives.

This for you if you want any of these benefits:

  • Memory & Concentration
  • Will Power & Determination
  • Relaxation & Stress Management
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Gain Self-Confidence
  • Winning Personality
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Read Faster to Save Time

Awake and Energize Program
with Brainwave Technologies

This is amazing program changes your brainwaves so you feel awake and energized to take on the challenges and do what needs to be done.

It is So Easy to Use and Benefit From

It is really easy to benefit from because all you have to do is play it on your mobile phone.

There are no books to read and no techniques to master.

You do not have to concentrate on it. You can listen to this music even when you are studying or doing your work or exercising or eating. You can play it even when you are sleeping.

And, the best part is that you benefit in an enjoyable way.

How It Was Built

Raj Bapna photo Hello: My name is Raj Bapna. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

For years, I got good marks but nothing great up to class 10th. I got just 48% marks in social studies. I used to worry about my future, my studies and career.

Then I discovered a better way to study, and just one year later, I got 5th rank in the Rajasthan Board, NTSE (NCERT) scholarship, and IITJEE 1102 rank, and as a result, studied at BITS and IIT, joined Intel in California... and finally returned to India to help students get more success.

I believe that you can become the best that you are capable of. And, my mission in life is to help you achieve that goal.

When I used a mind machine in the "Whole Life Expo" in Los Angeles in 1988, it was a very powerful experience. I felt so relaxed and things appeared clear. It felt like I was thinking better. So, when I returned to India to help students, I purchased a mind machine and brought it with me.

We spent over 2 years to design and build our first mind machine just for students. Our first version was developed during 1992-93 by a PhD student in IIT Delhi, who later did important work for Silicon Graphics (a computer company in California).

A Hypnotist Wanted to Know If It Really Works ...

I once conducted a workshop for experts and owners of colleges at the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Mumbai, where the fee to attend was Rs 19,000 per person to hear me for 2 days.

One of the participants was Prof Ashok Davda of Thane. He is our old friend. Initially, Prof Davda, like many others who first hear of subliminal messages, was skeptical of our Mind Power Music technology and did not believe that such a thing could work. But being a professional hypnotist, he decided to check us out.

He simply ordered some of our Mind Power Music, and then what he did is really creative and remarkable. He hypnotized one of his students and played our Mind Power Music. What we all hear is sounds of birds, sounds of water/river and very relaxing special music, but no words. That is for people who are not hypnotized.

But what Prof Davda did was to ask his hypnotized student, "What words do you hear". And to Prof Davda's utter amazement, the student heard positive empowering messages and spoke out what he heard.

Being scientific by nature, what Prof Davda did next is also surprising. He noted down the words (messages) heard by the hypnotized student, and then traveled to Udaipur from Thane. And then he asked us to tell him what are the exact messages used. We showed him our list. And to Prof Davda's total surprise, our messages matched with the student's list. And, that is how Prof Davda became our friend.

Strange But True:
Beliefs are Not Just in Your Mind
They are Also in Your Body

It has been discovered that there are about 50 to 60 chemicals taking messages from the brain to the body. The most well-known of these are called endorphins. In the past it was believed that endorphins were present only in the brain. But now they have been found in the body, carrying messages to practically every cell in the body.

These chemicals carry messages in the body about everything including thoughts, happiness, feelings, beliefs, etc.

Let us see an example. A person is walking in the park. He sees something like a snake and thinks in his mind "It is a snake." That message of fear goes to other parts of the brain, then to the spinal cord, and then to the rest of the body. In a very short period, the whole body knows about the danger and prepares itself to face the danger. The heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, breathing becomes faster. Blood is diverted from the brain to the muscles, the hands and the feet. As a result, the person is ready to "fight" or "to run away".

This well known phenomenon is called "fight-or-flight" response. Just the thought "snake" creates this response.

Dr. Deepak Chopra says, "To think is to practice brain chemistry."

When you are happy or you believe in achieving success in whatever you are doing, that thought is conveyed to your whole body. Your body is more energetic and less tired. When someone is unhappy and sad, his body is slow, dull, and tired.

Our Mind Power Music helps you to build positive beliefs easily.

Our Student Set All India Memory Power Record and
Was Selected in Administrative Services

Our student Rajiv Chaudhary, from Palampur in Himachal Pradesh, set a memory record (Limca Book of Records). In interviews to many newspapers he said, "The secret of my newly developed memory are Mind Power Music ... and Mind Power Study Techniques course from Udaipur."

Before joining our course, he was an average student and scored only 52.25 % in High School Exam.

Rajiv went on to achieve his dream of success in Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services.

Ask yourself: If our courses can help someone to set an all India memory record, can it not help you to improve memory to get more marks, and to be more sure of success?

What is Mind Power Music
and How It Works

Our Mind Power Music has a soothing, natural, river-like music, so it helps you to relax.

It is so relaxing that at times, you may not even notice that the music is playing.

It is not like film music. It is not like Indian or western classical music. It is a new type of music based on science.

It relaxes you and then programs your mind for success or the desired self-improvement by using subliminal messages, which are hidden from or below the level of your conscious mind.

But, your sub-conscious mind can hear these messages and accept them to enable changes and to empower you for more success.

What is Mind Programming

Your mind is like a computer. A computer can be programmed for accounting or writing letters. Similarly your mind can be programmed to change your behavior for success, and it is called mind programming.

Each of us has conscious mind and sub-conscious mind. You are reading this article by your choice  - using your conscious mind. Working of your heart or flow of blood in your body is controlled by your subconscious mind.

Surprisingly, your subconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind. And, it determines much of your behaviour and thus your success of failure in life.

What Readers Digest
(a famous magazine)
Says About Music

Here are some of the ideas discussed in the world famous Reader's Digest magazines:

  • Mounting medical evidence now confirms that music has surprising power to heal you.

  • Music therapy is proving especially effective in three key areas:

    • Pain, anxiety, depression

    • Mental, emotional, physical handicaps

    • Neurological diseases

  • In hospitals or home, it can be powerful medicine to help us all

  It may sound strange how any music technology can be so powerful that you benefit easily and effortlessly.

Before I explain the science and research behind this, let me first show what experts and users are saying.

"Was very useful when I was preparing for my M.D. exam, which I passed. Thanks."

-Dr V Karyekar, MD, Pune

"I had only 51% in B.Sc III year. But after listening to your music, I stood first in M.Sc. Environment Science entrance."

-Mahesh R Mathapati, Karnataka

Question: What Makes It Work
Answer: "Automatic Positive Thinking"

Have you heard about positive thinking?

People tell you to "think positive" but they don't show you how to think positive.

For example, people tell "be confident", but they don't tell you how.

Such people wish you well though their advice is meaningless because their advice is like "Be a millionaire". You can't just "be a millionaire" by thinking because to be a millionaire, you need money in the bank. Similarly, to be confident, you need confidence in the bank of your subconscious mind, which is in the form of beliefs and is based on your past experiences.

Subliminal Messages is an effective way to put beliefs into your mind.

Subliminal Messages are recorded in a special way.

And, because the process is automatic because you simply to listen to music and there is no effort at all.

Here are examples of the messages we use in the program Better Memory and Concentration: My memory is very good, I remember very easily, I remember permanently.

What All You Get

You download these.

CD #1: For More Memory Power &
Better Focus and Concentration (price Rs 997)

Memory & Concentration

Good memory power and concentration are necessary to get the maximum benefit from your hard work and coaching for your success. No wonder, "Better Memory & Concentration" is most loved among students.

 Better memory and concentration allows you to study and learn more in the same time, which makes you confident about yourself and helps you get ahead of others in your exams and competitions.

Here are the sample messages in this program:

  • My memory is very good.

  • I remember very easily.

  • I remember permanently.

  • I concentrate easily on anything.

  • I concentrate easily and remember easily.

  • I remember easily whatever I read, hear, see.

  • I enjoy studying and remember for competitions.

  • I remember and recall easily during exams and tests.

Imagine what will happen once your mind with these beliefs. You'll have better memory and concentration, which means you'll be able to study more in less time for your success.

CD #2: Relaxation & Stress-Management (price Rs 997)


Relaxation and Stress Management is important because stress is a major problem of our civilization and is understood to be the cause of major health and mental problems for people.

Managing stress is therefore very important. Also important is to be able to relax.

When you are relaxed, more of your energy is available for healing your body and for the working of your brain and, as a result, relaxation leads to better health and more mind power for you.

This title is loved by students and others alike.

CD #3: Strong Will Power & Determination (price Rs 997)

CD #4: Setting and Achieving Goals (price Rs 997)

CD #5: Gain Self-Confidence (price Rs 997)

CD #6: Develop a Winning Personality (price Rs 997)

CD #7: Effective Public Speaking (price Rs 997)

CD #8: Read Faster to Save Time (price Rs 997)

Portable and Enjoyable to Use

You can play MP3 on your mobile phone and also on iPad, PCs, and Notebook computers, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful music anywhere for self-improvement and relaxation.

Easy to Use and Benefit

It is really easy to benefit from because all you have to do is play it on your mobile phone.

There are no books to read and no techniques to master.

You do not have to concentrate on it. You can listen to this music even when you are studying or doing your work or exercising or eating. You can play it even when you are sleeping.

And, the best part is that you benefit in an enjoyable way.

Now, Choose Your Success with
Total Self-Improvement


With my Mind Power Music complete Total Self-Improvement library, you can improve yourself easily. 

 You can use it in background at home or in office and also when you sleep.

 For faster improvement, listen to it more.

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