Read this if you know what you need to do for success, but you feel lazy and not motivated enough to do it.

Automatic Motivation Program

It Motivates You Automatically Without Effort on Your Part for Success in Exams and More ...

From time to time, do you feel unmotivated, lazy or tired which is affecting your ability to do your best for success? If yes, then here is something for you ...

Automatic Motivation Program is a big surprise for students and their parents
because it has immediate and powerful effect

Mini-Book With Free Download Video and MP3. Includes Free Gift Videos on Time Management and Incremental Goal Achievement

Raj Bapna photoWhat if you can feel automatically motivated to work towards your goals? What if you can wake up energized and feel energetic during the day? What if you can overcome laziness?

If you can, then success becomes easier because you can work with concentration on the studies / tasks on hand.

Many of us want to, but don’t know how because nobody taught us.

I've just created a powerful mini-book with free download videos to teach you how at a very low price.

Changes You Automatically

Those who have seen it say it is perhaps most important of what I have ever done in 20 years of creative development in mind / studies.

  • It is easy to benefit from.
  • All you do is scan the mini-book and watch the video.
  • And, you are changed.

Fortunately, the transformation is automatic, which means it does not require will power and determination necessary to practice difficult methods for months and months before you can see results.

In fact, all you do is go through the program and it changes you. You get the results because the results don’t depend on you. The program does it.

How this Program was
Developed and Tested

Finally, after helping over 3 lakh students in 19 years (with our research and articles in every month since 1991 in magazines like CSR), I am excited to show you this.

A short while ago, I asked over 17,000 email subscribers about their biggest problem and discovered many were feeling lazy and unmotivated, did not have the energy and confidence necessary to work hard sincerely towards their success. Some were feeling unfocused and lost. A few were even depressed.

It seems all of us suffer from these issues, some to more extent than others.

First, I taught 2 groups, where attendees were transformed. They were changed. I had computer screen video recorded these trainings (I'll show you some screens in the video when you order).

Now, I have just finished creating a new video + audio recording, so you can get over your laziness and feel motivated and energized in 7 days (or less).

It is simply called

"Automatic Motivation"

Which means not just half-hearted motivation, but powerful motivation.

Video + Audio

Just watch the video and it will transform laziness and lack of focus to motivation and energy for you, giving you confidence and allowing you to concentrate.

  • The most crucial success secret that gives you energy and motivation and eliminates laziness and unfocused behavior.
  • The art and science of concentration.
  • The single path to big results
  • Discovering this secret instantly increases your chance of success by 10 times


You also learn:

  • Power of imagination to train your subconscious mind
  • Richard Bandler's NLP way to go from "lack of motivation" to "motivation"
  • Understand the 3 aspects of preparation for competitive exams and how to maximize your results

You Get Both Videos + Audios

You get mp3 audio files for all the videos so you can use easily on your mp3 player, iPod, or even your mobile phone (most nowadays have mp3 players).

 Warning:    It is so very easy to use and benefit from, it is hard to believe ...

WARNING: Not for All Students: It is not for those who want the hard way to get motivated because this program is very easy.

     My own "Mind Power Exam Maximizer" is a course, part of which benefits you instantly while other part requires you to learn skills (reading faster, revising better, making better notes, etc.) and practice them for maximum benefit.

     BUT, this motivation program is so easy: all you do is scan the mini-book in 10 or 15 minutes and watch the video. Most people will be changed just by this. Some may need to watch the video 2 to 3 times. You can do it in just one day or 24 hours or at the most in 2 days or 48 hours. That is it. No repetition. No need to learn or memorize anything.

So, if it is ok for you within your mind to benefit easily within 2 hours or so, then please continue to read below ...

This is my only product that has no step-by-step system because you are not required to do anything. You just scan the mini-book and watch the video and you understand deeply both at conscious and subconscious level and as a result change just happens automatically.

I expect most people to change in one viewing of the video, even though I promise "change in 7 days or less" in the title of this page.

Our human mind gets impressed with things that are complicated or difficult, and tends to discard those that are easy. This program is easy ... just use it with open mind ... That is your challenge in learning from this.

Here is What Students are Saying ...

"the best thing a student must invest after coaching I personally felt after viewing, I was soo overwhelmed that I even showed it to my parents also"

Respected sir

This is regarding Automatic Motivation videos that I have bought.

Initially I had some difficulties in downloading as it was in zip file and for just videos download price factor also tickled in my mind but keeping faith in your samples I ordered it and I am happy that it was a Big Right decision that I would remember my whole life.

This program is “Ultimate” this the best thing a student must invest after coaching I personally felt after viewing, I was soo overwhelmed that I even showed it to my parents also. It has now become my habit to start the day with Goal setting video and on time management it helps me to stay motivated all day long and meet deadlines. After viewing the video my thought was price was too small as compared to benefits one student can get in his most crucial years.

In my view I have tried all your major programs But this is the Best even better than mind machine because these videos leave a deep effect on both kinds of mind instantaneously. The day since I have bought your mind programs my performance has increased day in day out with that of the confidence level I have now. Now everyday I feel going closer and closer to my dream. I am determined if I continue like this present rate then my goal is not far apart.

with regards
Rishab Mahajan

"My family and friends say that they can see a remarkable change in my memory and most of all I am a lot more focused and motivated towards achieving my goal"

Respected Sir,

images/srinivasan2.jpgAt the outset I want to Thank You wholeheartedly for putting in this great effort for students and I feel that we are truly blessed to have been given an opportunity for improving our chances of our success in education and as a consequence in our own lives.

Sir I am a student of engineering (awaiting my final year results) and I am currently studying for the CAT exam. Sir, I have been using your products since 2005.I was first gifted your most famous Mind Power Study Techniques book by my uncle in 2005.I was in class 12 back then and desperately wanted to score above 90 in physics which for me was my weakest subject. I read your book and practised the techniques thoroughly and to my pleasant surprise I had scored 92 in physics in my board exam, till then I used to score not more than 70 marks. This gave me enormous confidence and faith in myself and your products and I have been your fan since then.

The best part was that my parents were so happy with my success that I did not even have to convince them that my investment was the right one. I just told them that the following products that I proudly own were designed by you and they gave an immediate approval for the purchase.

Sir, I had recently purchased 3 more products
1.)Mind Power Music
2.)Genius CD
3.)Automatic motivation Video

I have been using the mind power music CD’s and the genius CD since 2009 and have found tremendous improvement in my ability to concentrate for long hours effortlessly and retain everything that I study easily and with absolute relaxation. But Sir, I sincerely feel that your automatic motivation video is the best of all. Each time I watch the video I get so much of confidence and motivation that I can achieve my dream and all my laziness and doubt over my ability simply vanish. My family and friends say that they can see a remarkable change in my memory and most of all I am a lot more focused and motivated towards achieving my goal and I am TOTALLY certain that if I proceed at this rate I will definitely make it to the top 10 b-schools in the country.

Sir, Once again I Thank you for your effort and I wish You and Your Team the VERY BEST.

Warm Regards,
S. Srikaanth

"My father suggested ... I agreed half-heartedly...
All my inner doubts vanished, I got answers to all my questions ... I am excited and recommend it to all students"

Motivation what a student says

This video is creating big changes in people

Here is What You Get

Automatic Motivation Package

  • Mini-Book: Automatic Motivation (50 pages book in small size has slides) includes free download.

  • The free download has video files and MP3 files of the Automatic Motivation Video. Running Time is 75 minutes

  • The free download also has the bonus videos and MP3 files on time management and incremental goal achievement.

2 Fast Action Bonus Gifts

If you order now, you get these 2 bonus gifts:

Bonus Gift #1:
Time Management for Studies & Exams

Simple yet powerful time management program.

You get video and mp3 audio.

  • Automatic time management
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Running Time is 20 minutes

Bonus Gift #2:
Incremental Goal Achievement

You get video and mp3 audio.

  • Why even the best-selling books on "goal setting" are not useful for students
  • Only one type of goal setting works for students
  • Setting goals so achieving them is possible in step by step measurable way
  • Running Time is 19 minutes

Unconditional Results Guarantee
Get Results or Get a Refund
(30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee)

Use it for up to 30 days and if you are not 100% happy with the results, you can ask for a full, 100% refund by posting items back to us via courier or SpeedPost from your place within 30 days of the purchase date.

No questions asked. You be the judge.

How can I offer such a guarantee? Will not everybody ask for a refund?

I can because my students get such big improvements that they want to thank me for the help.

Today is your opportunity to study in a new way using all the tools that have taken me decades of hard work to bring to you.

So, order it right now with the full knowledge that your investment is safe with our unconditional 100% refund guarantee.

Mini-Book + DVD (Plus Download)

Only Rs 2,900
Rs 1,200

Automatic Motivation
You'll get a mini-book with DVD by courier (also a download link).

Download only

Only Rs 397

Automatic Motivation
(Download of audio/video only without the book).

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