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Guarantee of Sharper Concentration, Better Memory, and Reduced Stress

You will study with sharper concentration and remember more of what you learn in 7 days OR get a 100% refund.

Use it for 7 days, and you will study with sharper concentration and fewer distractions. You'll remember better. You'll also sleep better, and you'll feel more confident. If not, simply post the complete package in its original packing by Speed Post or good a courier, and on receiving the parcel (it will take some days to reach us, and that is ok), we refund 100% of your purchase price back to the same card or account.

No questions asked. What could be more fair?

A refund is not available outside India because of high postage charges and complex laws regarding foreign currencies.

Most Students and Parents will Do Nothing

Most parents and students reading this page will DO NOTHING.

But, a select few parents and students will discuss this and order because this can really give an "unfair advantage" and also because it is risk-free to try for 7 days.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Mind Machine

  1. You are preparing for a highly competitive exam and it is very very important for you and your family that you get success.
  2. You are ambitious and you have already joined local or online coaching classes and working hard to study with the best course material and teachers.
  3. You are doing well and may get success even without coaching or my mind tools, but because you realize that only a small percentage of aspirants get success, you are looking for new ways to achieve maximum success and get ahead of others.

Most of our students are:

  • In school in class 9 or above, and preparing for IITJEE, NEET, NDA, CA Foundation, etc.
  • In college and preparing for PG, GATE, NET, MBA/CAT, UPSC, State PSC, Bank, SSC, CA, etc.
  • In job and preparing for departmental exam for promotion, a degree exam, or UPSC, etc.

Value of 1 Extra Mark ...

You know that only a few out of every hundred or thousand aspirants get success in a competitive exam.

So, just 1 extra mark can make a difference between getting selected or not.

That 1 extra mark can be the difference between getting selected in your dream college or getting the dream job or not.

Suppose that difference is getting selected between IIT or not. The difference in income or salary in life could be crores of rupees.

That is why the serious aspirants try everything in their power to get the very last extra mark they are capabe of.

Imagine the Day You Get Success ...

Imagine the day results are declared and you get success, you'll know this moment as one of the secret keys to your success.

Others will tell you, "You are so lucky to get such high marks and rank".

You'll just smile and thank them, but know inside that you not only worked hard, you also worked smart by using the best mind power tools and techniques.

You'll feel proud of your decisions, hard work, and smart work.

A Favour

Do me a favour and consider it this way.

You don't have to decide now. Just get it on trial basis and use it.

Then, decide after 7 days to keep it or not.

Finally, keep it only if you get the benefits. Otherwise, just return it to get a full refund.

You Need Your Own Headphones

If you don't have WIRED stereo headphones, you can order on Amazon. You can use on-ear or in-ear headphones. Here are some links: Koss - Philips - Sony - Logitech

Mind Machine Silver Package

You get the complete mind machine with these parts:

  • Mind Machine Hardware: CPU, Mind Glasses, Headhphone, Stereo Cable, AA Alkaline Batteries (6)
  • 5 ALEM Programs for Faster Learning and Exam Mastery
  • Awake & Energize Program

Rs 15,100

Mind Machine Gold Package

#1. Get everything in the Silver Package. Price is Rs 15,100.

#2. You also get these:

  • Books: Vocabulary for GRE, GMAT / CAT, and SAT (2 books with free vocab mind machine programs from 31 CDs). Plus, mind programming mind machine programs for vocab building. (value Rs 7,800)
  • Book: Automatic Motivation with free CD (value Rs 1,200)
    Also get free: 5 MM Stress Buster programs (value Rs 1,370)
  • Book: Awaken the Unlimited Power of Your Subconscious Mind with free Genius CD (value Rs 1,250)
    Also get free: 8 MM Meditation Programs (value Rs 1,750)

Total value: Rs 15,100 + 13,370 = Total Rs 28,470.
Your investment today is only Rs 17,100.

Rs 17,100

Or, You Can Pay with Paytm or UPI

Foreign (Outside India) Orders
(without pencil cells)

Most orders outside India come from USA, Canada, Europe, Autralia.

Who are the buyers? They are my past students who used my book (and could not afford to buy the mind machine at that time). They are now very successful and want to use the mind machine for themselves or their children.

Some of them get mind machines as gift to relatives and students in their schools and towns.

Mind Machine Gold Package (Foreign) including Courier Charges: USD $299
(Your country may charge you import taxes at the time of delivery.)

US$ 299

Please email at [email protected] for information on how to order.

Warranty & Repair

If it ever has any problem, your investment is supported by this warranty.

  • Repair for CPU: Repair is FREE within the first 3 months of purchase.
    After the first 3 months, the fee is Rs 590 including postage, paid directly to Mr Chetan Prajapat, an electronics engineers who's also an NTSE scholar. Click for details.
  • 1 Month Free Replacement of Pen Drive, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Stereo Cable/Lead: Free replacement for 1 month; then order new if required. Click for details.

Any question?
Please email [email protected]