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For Students of Class 9 to PhD Level and for Working Professionals (Dept Exams and Certifications)

This secret page is shown to only those people who are already our customers and therefore this offer does not come with money-back guarantee.

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Product Link Value
Electronic Mind Machine Link Rs 14,700
Mind Power Music Self-Improvement Audio Library (audio download) Link Rs 1,997
Book: Automatic Motivation (book with free video and audio download) Link Rs 1,200
Book: Awaken book with free Genius CD program Link Rs 2,700
Exam Mastery Mind Programming Audio To Avoid Exam Anxiety/Stress, Silly Mistakes (audio download) Link Rs 1,470
Alpha DAPS Audio Program (Unleashes the Power of Your Subconscious Mind in the Easiest Way) (audio download) Link Rs 1,475
Faster Learning Mind Programming Audio (audio download) Link Rs 2,900
IQ Builder to Increase Your IQ by 10 Points in 20 Hours (online software) Link Rs 4,990

Unconditional Results Guarantee
Get Results or Get a Refund
(7-Days, 100% Money-Back Guarantee for Everything

Based on what you order, you may get mind machine, books, pendrive and downloads. Use them for up to 7 days and if you are not 100% happy with the results, you can ask for a full, 100% refund by posting items back to us via courier or SpeedPost from your place within the first 7 days of the purchase date.

No questions asked. You be the judge.

How can I offer such a guarantee? Will not everybody ask for a refund?

I can because my students get such big improvements that they want to thank me for the help.

Today is your opportunity to study in a new way using all the tools that have taken me decades of hard work to bring to you.

So, order it right now with the full knowledge that your investment is safe with our unconditional 100% refund guarantee.

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Mind Tools

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