Genius CD Audio Program:
Awakens the Unlimited Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Announcing a new scientific research breakthrough ...

Genius CD Audio Program

How to Enter the Learning State in 13 Minutes and Wake up a Little of the Genius Inside You for Good Rank in Exams and Your Bright Future

Long back this audio program was available on CD. Now, we provide it via downloads. But, we have retained the name "Genius CD".

Raj Bapna photoDear friend,

     If you want to explore new mind-technology for your studies, high marks in exams, this may be the most exciting message you ever read. The message is urgent because it can help you achieve your goal ...

     Why? Because this is

the first and most exciting development
in mind-technology to help you
to enter the learning state
to wake up the genius inside you WITHOUT using the mind machine

      "I have 3 American mind machines, costing over $900 (or Rs 70,000) and over 100 success and mind power audio programs costing hundreds of dollars from the most famous creators in the USA.

      I have used all these.

     But imagine my surprise when I listened to the Genius CD, I was totally blown away. All the other products I had used did not prepare me for the amazing relaxation that I got from 'entering the learning state'.

     You have to listen to it to believe it because words simply cannot communicate to you the power and excitement of the Genius CD."

      Only now 12 years after we created the remarkable Dr. Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music, we have a new scientific breakthrough for you. But as You'll discover when you use Genius CD Audio Program, it has been worth the effort because it helps you to enter the learning state quickly.

Enter the Learning State. Easily. Quickly.
Without the need to learn and practice any methods

      Are you wondering what is the meaning of "Enter the Learning State"? Let me show you:

"What a Reputed Magazine is Saying ..."

"In one program to ENTER THE LEARNING STATE, you hear two different magical stories ... they relax you, change your brain waves toward the desired alpha or theta."

-- Business & Management Chronicle
Indian's only magazine for B-School Aspirants

"And, more Important, Here is
What Users are Saying ..."

      Before I tell you more about it, let me show you what the users are saying about this technology and concept. Each paid Rs 19,700 for a vocab memorization system or Rs 16,700 for a learning system and got this "enter the learning state" technology as part of the system (you'll learn below about an urgent lower-cost special offer.) And, very few students ever asked for their money back.

  • "The [program] 'Enter the active learning state' is really powerful. It relaxes me so much like I have never relaxed in the last few years. The alpha, theta, delta programs are also good. 
        I can feel the change in the state of the mind. I have also noticed improvements in learning
    . My brother-in-law also liked the whole thing and he is planning to order."

-- Vivitsu Vashishth, Greater Noida (UP) 

  • "I have used it [the Mind Machine for Vocab] for 21 days and I am completely satisfied... my sleep cycle has changed, my concentration has improved a lot, my behavior has changed, and most of all I feel very relaxed when I use the machine... Thank you Baiah [brother]."

-- Sandeep Kishore, Chittoor (AP)

  • "I am using your mind machine ... is very helpful in learning words and ... permanently retain in memory."

-- Bhupinder Singh Chahal, Rohtak (Haryana) 

  • "Enter the Learning State is effective and relaxes me completely."

-- Kaushank Khandawala, Mumbai (MS)  

  • "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for .. the mind machine. I am using your mind machine for the last one month. I have got enormous benefits. My learning spirit and state have changed.
         Last Saturday while I listened to your program #1 and slept, I felt as if I am flying in the sky. 3 or 4 times I felt as if I am flying like a bird. During this experience I was happy and cheerful....
        Then, I was feeling as if I became free from all bondage ... all limitations were dropped."
  • --J. L. Jain, Assistant Commissioner of Sales Tax,
    Author of the book How to Get Super Success,
    Hypnotist and Psychologist

  • "How nice it is when my body sleeps and relaxes when my mind studies! Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions and Brain Wave Tonal Matrix based vocab system is the first in the whole world ...
        My heart [felt] thanks Bapna ji for your crown creation."

    -- Prof Ashok Davda, Hypnotherapist, Thane (MS)

  • "I have started using the Mind Machine for Vocab system and am initially pleased with the results. Enter the Learning State is effective and relaxes me completely."

    -- Kaushank Khandwala, Mumbai (MS)

      Are you wondering what is the meaning of "the genius inside you?" It means that you perform at your hidden ability and talent of such high caliber that even you are not aware of such a possibility.  

      Consider this: Yogis and scientists agree on only one thing:

"that most people use only 10% 
of their brain power and the 
other 90% remains hidden and unused"

       "Genius" is when some of that hidden and unused brain becomes awakened.

       For example, one famous meditation guru Osho was known to read up to 10 books a day (whereas most normal people like you and me take a day to a week to read a single book) and remember so well he used to quote from the books in his daily extempore talks to disciples.

       Another famous incident is from the life of Swami Vivekananda. Once noticing Vivekananda turning pages of a big volume of Britannia Encyclopaedia, someone asked "why do you just turn pages"? Vivekananda said, "I am not just turning pages. I am reading fully and remembering fully. You can ask me anything from these pages."

      Einstein is another well-known genius.

      But, wait! That's perhaps not your goal. And, that's not my goal for you.

      My goal for you simply is to help you to

Enter the Learning State in just 13 minutes 
and to wake up a little bit of 'genius inside you'

      So, you too can, like thousands of my students, study better and get higher marks in exams for your bright future and your glorious career.

      For example, one of my students Rajiv Chaudhary set a memory record in the Limca Book of Records.

      And, like many many of my students, you too can succeed in achieving your goal of good rank in various competitions for your glorious career and your bright future.

      And, that will make you, your parents, and your family very happy and proud.

      And, now I want to show you 

"What is this learning state"

     Can you recall a time or event in your life when "learning" something came very easily to you? It could be to learn something from a book, ride a bike, or play a game. Anything. Can you recall a few more such times? Do you remember that, at such times, 

You know with certainty "you can do it"
and "time passes quickly" and "there is no stress"

      That is being in a learning state. And, being in such a wonderful state tends to wake up a little bit of genius inside you.

      OK, can you recall a time when learning anything was hard, boring, difficult, stressful, and the time appeared to move very slowly?

      That state is the "OPPOSITE" of the learning state.

      Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if you can find a quick and easy way to get into such a learning state every time you sit down to study, so you can focus and concentrate effortlessly for greater success?

      And, learn in a more relaxed way, learn faster, and remember better without feeling sleepy, tired, or bored? And feel energized by a feeling of  certainty of success in achieving your most important goals in life?

      Now, the Genius CD Audio Program provides you with an easy and effective way to learn to enter the learning state.

      Are you asking yourself, "How do I enter the learning state with the Genius CD?"

      It is simple. You don't need to spend weeks or months learning any new, difficult, or complicated methods. Using the Genius CD Audio Program is effortless. All you do is listen to it.

"Just lie down on your bed
or sit comfortably in your chair,
close your eyes, and push the button
on your mobile phone or PC"

      And, enjoy the voices and mild music on the Genius CD Audio Program for 13 minutes.

       That's it. 

       And, as you open your eyes and you notice that you feel a sense of deep relaxation and calm as if you've just had a long peaceful sleep and an inner bath. 

"What happens when you
listen to the Genius CD Audio Program"

      Very simply, each time you listen to the Genius CD Audio Program, you enter the learning state and wake up a little bit of the genius inside you. 

      And, are you beginning to get curious about

"What Mind Technologies are used 
in creating the magical Genius CD Audio Program"

      Even if I wanted to show you all the secrets of how we created the Genius CD Audio Program, there is not enough space in this letter. Fortunately, you don't have to understand any of the mind technologies to benefit greatly. However, to give you an idea, let me tell you about two key mind technologies:

    1. Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions (DAPSTM)
    2. Brainwave Sync Tonal MatrixTM

      DAPS: You hear a different story in each ear in my voice that makes artful use of language, neuro-linguistic programming, and Ericksonian hypnosis techniques to immediately produce measurable relaxation in you while building positive, powerful, empowering beliefs that produce dramatic breakthrough results for you. 

      And, it breaks your negative blocks and beliefs if any, which is necessary before major improvements can take place for your to see and feel big important results.

      Brainwave Sync Tonal Matrix: To understand how it uses sound frequencies, consider this: If you play a sound of 500 Hz in one ear and 510 Hz in the other ear, your brain "hears" the sound of frequency that is the difference in the two frequencies, i.e., 510-500 = 10 Hz. This sound is called binaural beat and it does not exist in the environment around us but is only in the mind. People who study Physics know it is similar to "resonance". When this happens, researchers can measure increased levels of bilateral synchronized brain wave activity at the frequency of the binaural beat.

      These and other mind technologies used on the Genius CD Audio Program produce remarkable results for you quickly.

"When you use the Genius CD Audio Program, expect
to feel for yourself great results in 13 minutes"

       What's more, you don't have to wait for weeks or months to notice the benefits. Most people feel the benefits on the first day when they use it for just 13 minutes. Almost all people notice benefits within one week. You can expect to quickly notice and feel for yourself all the benefits of the learning state as if you wake up a little genius inside you.

"Get full benefits and results from
your hard work and your investment in coaching"

      Many students spend between Rs 5,000 to Rs 80,000 or more for coaching and of course, they also work hard. When you use the Genius CD Audio Program, you soon realize it doubles the benefits of your coaching and hard work for greater success for you. 

      But, there are some things more important than these results.

"What would it mean to you
and your family if you achieve your life's 
important goals this year and next"

      You and only you know what it would mean to you, your parents, and your family to achieve your life's current most important goals for this year and next. Great Job and Career? Pride? Happiness? What are the rewards for sacrifices? A tremendous sense of achievement? Solid self-confidence? More money? Bright future? More relationships?

      And, only you know what the loss will be if you cannot achieve your important goals. A sense of loss? A feeling of guilt of not doing your best? Perhaps shame? Feeling sorry for yourself? A waste of sacrifices made by everyone in the family?

      Do you realize your goals are not just yours? But, the ambitions and sacrifices of your parents and family are very much part of your goals and that makes it even more important for you to do everything you possibly can to achieve your goals.

      How confident ae you of achieving success? And, are you willing to do whatever is possible to ensure your big success?

      Can you imagine how life will change when you use the Genius CD Audio Program to learn to enter the learning state and wake up a little of the genius inside you? How much do you think such a Genius CD Audio Program is worth to you in terms of money and beyond money?

      It was originally sold to students as programs for testing and the price was Rs 1,295. At that price, these were perhaps the most expensive programs in the world.

      If you are ambitious enough to set goals of good rank in competitions and if you are willing to be disciplined enough, this opportunity is perfect for you.

      But, before I give you the full details of the guarantee, let me point out

An Important Word of Caution

      There is a tendency in our country (perhaps because of extremely tough competition) among the sincere, smart, good, hardworking, successful students to "work too hard" and to do "things in excess". I don't want you to listen to the Genius CD Audio Program too many times a day. I want you to listen to the Genius CD Audio Program just two times a day: once just before you sit down to study and once when you go to bed, so you use the time just before sleep and end up getting better sleep at night to wake up refreshed in the morning to begin the day and work towards success.

     The Genius CD Audio Program is not for entertainment or fun, but the Genius CD Audio Program is

"the most powerful CD
in the world at any price"

      When we created Dr. Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music tapes in 1992, we created titles for "memory", "concentration", "will power", etc. But, we did not create any CDs for "GENIUS" because we simply did not have, as yet, the scientific breakthroughs and technologies necessary for creating such a remarkable CD.

      It is only now 12 years later that I am proud to present you with the most powerful Genius CD Audio Program. Quite simply, no other program is more powerful at any price anywhere in the world. That's how powerful the Genius CD Audio Program is.

      Are you thinking, "I would really like to use the Genius CD Audio Program because it is so powerful, but is it safe for me? Are there any long-term or short-term side effects?" These are perfectly valid and important questions to ask. And the good news is:

"There are No Side Effects"

      It is good to know that there are no side effects whatsoever. There are two ways to look at the issue of safety:

(1) The Genius CD Audio Program changes your brainwaves just like in meditation, but quickly, and just like in the case of meditation, which India has pioneered for over 5000 years, it is safe.

(2)  Around the world, an estimated 50 lakh people are using mind technology products and even in India, we estimate that over 1 lakh people are using mind-technology (in the form of our Mind Power Music or our Mind Machines or imported products) since 1992 and found safe and beneficial. Mind technologies are becoming so popular that they are getting incorporated into classical music CDs and others kinds of music around the world for the effortless benefits of relaxation for the users.

      And, I am fully 100% confident you'll greatly benefit.

      Remember the only people who have used this technology have paid up to Rs 19,700 and are getting great benefits to help them get success (read above at the beginning of my letter).

      Order soon because greatness awaits you.

      Don't miss this opportunity. Hurry and order today because opportunity and time wait for nobody.

Awaken Book ...

What You Learn in the Book

Awaken the Unlimited Power of
Your Subconscious Mind

    You get a book of 175 pages and download called "Genius CD Audio Program".

     You learn enormous amount of theoretical and practical knowledge from the above book as the table of contents shows below:

Chapter 1.   Introduction... 8

  • How I am Uniquely Qualified to Write this Book

Chapter 2.   The Unlimited Power of Your Subconscious Mind... 15

  • Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind
  • Power of Beliefs
  • Power of Imagination
  • Power of Goals

Chapter 3.   Suggestions are the Secrets of the Unlimited Power of Your Subconscious Mind... 30

  • Suggestions are the Secrets    
  • Enormous Power of Suggestions and Self-Hypnosis

Chapter 4.   Understanding Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis... 53

  • What Is Hypnosis or Self-Hypnosis
  • Misunderstanding in General Public about Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis In Our Lives 67

  • Ramakrishna Hypnotized Swami Vivekananda To Samadhi
  • Everyone Can Be Hypnotized
  • What Can Hypnosis And Self-Hypnosis Do for You       

Chapter 5.   How to Create Effective Suggestions... 67

  • 4 Guidelines for Effective Suggestions
  • Suggestions for Effortless Concentration
  • Suggestions for Mega Memory
  • Suggestions for Stronger Will Power and Determination
  • Suggestions To Relax And Take Exams Confidently Without Stress Or Nervousness
  • Suggestions for A Winning Personality
  • Suggestions to Stop Smoking
  • Suggestions for Wealth Consciousness and Prosperity Thinking
  • Suggestions for Total Self-Improvement
  • Advanced Techniques for More Effective Suggestions
  • Marc Allen's Secrets of Suggestions for Success with Ease 

Chapter 6.   Powerful Methods to Awaken the Unlimited Power of Your Subconscious Mind... 87

  • Learn Self-Hypnosis in 3 Easy Steps
  • First, Learn to Just Relax
  • Suggestions for Better Self-Hypnosis
  • Imagine that You have Already Achieved Success
  • Wake Up at Desired Time With or Without Using Alarm Clock
  • How to Get into the 'state? for Success and Begin Work
  • Do This to Quickly Get Ready to Study or Work Even If You are not in a Mood
  • How to Develop High Physical Energy Necessary for Hard Work and Big Success      

Chapter 7.   Advanced Methods... 110

  • Before You Begin Self-Hypnosis
  • How to Utilize Self-Hypnosis for Your Self-Improvement
  • An Advanced Method of Self-Hypnosis
  • How to Create Your Own Self-Hypnosis Audio /CD
  • Artificial Reincarnation:  The Raikov Effect
  • The Master Mind Principle
  • The Borrowed Genius Procedure
  • Change Your Name and Change Your Life

Chapter 8.  Audio and Mind Machines for Effortless Benefits... 125

  • New Mind Technologies Help Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind      

Chapter 9. Goal-Setting Workshop: How to Set Big Goals to Energize and Compel You to Massive Action for Big Success... 130

  • Big Goals Are The Seeds Of Your Big Success... 131

    • How One Man Changed From Failure To Great Success By Setting Big Goals
    • To Be Great, You Need To Be The Best In Just One Field. It Is OK To Be Ordinary In All Other Fields
    • Do Not Wait For Greatness To Be Forced Upon You, But Choose It
    • If You Do What Others Do, You Will Get The Same Results That Others Get
    • If Your Goal Is More Than To Just Earn Money, You Will Get Help From Many Different Sources
    • Create Your Own "My Win Book" to Gain Self-Confidence and Get Ready to Set Big Goals
    • Marc Allen's Secrets Of Goal Setting For Success With Ease
    • Goals Change With Time
  • Take Massive Action... 164

    • Value of Knowledge is in Action
    • Secret of Time Management For Achieving Your Goals
    • Daily Assignment for You
    • Get into the "State" for Success and Begin Work

Appendix 1. How to Get Maximum Benefit from Any Book or Audio... 170

Appendix 2. Ancient Wisdom: My Favorite Quotations ... 173

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How to Order Using Paytm, UPI and NEFT:

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