Raj Bapna’s Faster Learning and Exam Mastery (FLEM)

Mind Programming Audio for Use Directly on Mobile Phones

FLEM Program is Different from Mind Machine

  • Mind Machine is electronic hardware along with mp3 programs. It has programs for accelerated learning, exam mastery, stress, and vocabulary for GRE, CAT/GMAT and SAT exams for going to IIMs or USA.
  • FLEM is audio only without any electronics hardware. It has programs for FLEM, awake & energize, and stress.
  • Only Faster Learning has programs for use during learning, before learning and after learning so you can remember more in less time.

Faster Learning and Exam Mastery Work in just minutes in 2 Ways:

  • Changing Brain Waves: It changes your brainwaves in just 5 minutes (see graphs below on this page). You enter the brain wave state best for learning. We call it learning state.
  • Mind Programming: It programs your subconscious mind to build positive empowering beliefs and overcome negative, limiting beliefs, allowing changes in your attitudes, thinking and habits.

Together, these two allow for faster learning, so you can study and learn with focused concentration, and remember more in less time.

There are no techniques to learn and practice.

It works automatically without requiring the user’s will power or determination.

All you have to do is put on headphones and play a program on your mobile or PC/laptop.

A Note about Sounds on these Audio Programs

The programs are audio recordings and provided as mp3 files.

Please note that the recordings are not ordinary audio recording (music, songs for entertainment), but are special sound patterns designed to change your brainwaves. These may seem somewhat like mild hiss type of noise (fainter or milder than fridge or fan sound).

Use A Good Quality Stereo Headphone or Earphone

You can use any good quality stereo headphone or earphone.

User Experience

Most users feel the benefit within the first 15 minutes of use on the very first day.

As your body and mind get used to the powerful experience of learning state in this new way, within a few weeks, these programs should become more and more effective for you.

First-Time Use

If you have just purchased it, do not use it for the first time if only a week or less remains for an important exam. Why? Because, it may take a little time for some people to get confident/comfortable to this new way of learning.

Two Types of Programs: With Stories and Without Stories

Programs with Stories: You Hear 2 Stories, But There is No Need to Try to Understand Them

  • You hear a different story in each ear in the initial part of these programs. This sound/audio technology of using two stories for mind programming is called DAPS (Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions).
  • You don’t have to focus on any story and don’t have to try to understand any story to benefit. In fact, it is impossible to understand both the stories simultaneously. There is no effort needed on your part. You just relax and listen, and the program does the work for you.
  • In programs with voice telling stories, you hear the phrase “Relax Now”, which gains special meaning for your body and mind to empower you to instantly enter the learning state n command just by telling to yourself “Relax Now”.
  • These programs are for 30 minutes of which about 13 minutes has stories. Initially use it for full 30 minutes and later you can use it for 13 minutes if you want to spend less time.

Programs without Stories

  • These programs have only soft music and brain wave sound patterns. These sound patterns may sound somewhat like mild “hiss” type of noise (fainter or milder than fridge or fan sound).

If Possible, Do This When You Study

If possible, switch off the lights and TV and any source of noise including your normal/mobile phone. This step is not necessary, but helpful in studies and learning if you can do it.

Close your eyes, relax and listen to these programs using your mobile phone or PC laptop.

Not for Everybody

It is not for persons with seizures type problems or undergoing psychiatric or psychological treatment. They should use this audio program only under medical supervision.

Keep Audio Volume Low

It is important to realize that these programs have not been designed for entertainment. These are serious mind technology and to get the best results, it is important to keep the volume low:

For programs with stories: Keep the volume such that you can hear the voice and understand but not any louder/higher. Don’t be concerned about other music/sounds.

For programs without stories: Keep the volume such that you can just hear the river or music sounds but not any louder/higher.

New EEG Proof from Taiwan Shows Results After 5 Minutes

Recently, Yi-hsiu Liu of Taiwan (a PhD student in the Physics department in National Taiwan University) ordered this program. He loved it and took it to a lab to get EEG. He had previously ordered the mind machine too.

Below are his brainwave pictures showing that Faster Learning changed his brainwaves in just 5 minutes.

Brainwaves EEG Before Using Faster Learning

Brainwaves EEG After Using Faster Learning for 5 Minutes

The video below shows Yi-hsiu Liu with our Mind Machine CPU

What You Get

You Get 6 FLEM Audio Programs Plus, 2 Bonus Programs

Exam Mastery Program:
Subconscious Mind Programming for Exam Mastery

If exam anxiety/nervousness is a big problem for you, this program is very important for you because it helps you get the most out of your hard work during the exam hours. It builds empowering beliefs and overcomes limiting beliefs, so you can take exams with speed, accuracy and confidence and without stress or nervousness as well as avoid silly mistakes.

You get an audio program mp3 file that you can play on your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. This works without mind machine CPU.

You also get a user guide.

#1 Enter the Learning State

This program is for 30 minutes with stories the first 13 minutes.

This program helps your body and mind learn to enter the learning state easily, so learning is easy.

You will feel the effect of this program within the first 15 minutes of use.

Use it 2 Times per Day:

  • First, use it when you sit down to study: Close your eyes and play it. When the stories stop, open your eyes and start studying.
  • Second, use it when going to sleep: Close your eyes and play it. Most people fall asleep. If you fall asleep, at some point later during the sleep, when you become aware that you are still wearing the headphone, just remove it and go back to sleep.

#2, #3 Alpha Plus for Use During Learning

Each of these programs is for 30 minutes.

These programs are without stories.

Use any of these two programs (without closing your eyes) when you study from the first day itself. You do not have to focus on music on the programs, just relax and read, study and learn a subject as you normally do.

One has instrumental music, river, mind technology sounds, etc. and the other one has only river, mind technology sounds, etc., without the instrumental music.

Listen to both at least twice each and you may like one program better than the other. Use whichever one you like more. If you like both, you can use any.

You can also use these when you start studying.

#4 Alpha-Theta Plus for Use Before Learning #5 Delta Plus for Use After Learning

Each of these programs is for 10 minutes only.

These programs are for use in special situations when you cannot use the programs #1, #2, or #3. Examples of such situations are: attending classes or attending meetings.

You can use program #4 Alpha-Theta Plus Before Learning if you have 10 minutes free time before you study/learn.

You can use program #5 Delta Plus After Learning if you have 10 minutes free time after you study/learn.

You can also use these programs if you study something very hard and want extra boost in remembering what you learn.

Awake and Energize Audio Program

This program is for 7 minutes.

This program does not have voice.

It uses enhanced high beta brainwaves designed to make you fully awake and energized.

Use it when you are feeling sleepy and need a quick boost.

You can also use it if you want to get out of the relaxed state to do something requiring full attention such as riding a motorcycle or driving a car. This program is so powerful that using it for just 3 minutes gives results.

Alpha Relaxation to Reduce Stress Audio Program

This program is for 30 minutes.

This is for parents and others in the family who are not students.

Of course, students can also use it, but their time is better utilized with Faster Learning audio programs such as Faster Learning programs #1, #2, or #3.

This program helps your body and mind to learn to relax easily with alpha brain waves.

Close your eyes, use this program to relax. Use it once daily while you go to sleep. You can also use it any time during the day.

Out of the total of 30 min, 13 min has my voice offering gentle suggestions for making breakthrough improvements in your experience of relaxation and deep sleep.

Expect wonderful benefits of relaxation and meditation within 6 weeks to 6 months after which you may stop it.

You can also continue to use it after 6 months. People are known to use it for years.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Use it for 30 days, and you'll be happy with the results. If not, simply email and ask for a full 100% refund, but still keep the program.

No questions asked. What could be more fair?

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