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Franklin CAT Vocabulary
MP3 Audio Program & Systematic
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the only audio & software program with 4,487 CAT words

Franklin CAT Vocabulary MP3 Audio &
Systematic Revision Web Software

  • New and Different System for People Who Find CAT Vocab Very Hard.
  • Comprehensive Audio Program with 22 CD Download.
  • Systematic Revision Web Software for long term memory and recall.

In This Course, You Get
"Short Memorable Sentence Fragments"

You don't get 3 or 5 or 10 meanings and sentences that are impossible to remember (a dictionary is better if you want to do PhD on some aspects of words).

I give you short and memorable sentence fragments, so you can remember faster and better without wasting time.

Here are some examples from the course:

euphoria = elation, feeling of well-being or happiness
USE = in a state of euphoria

evade = to avoid
USE = don't evade taxes

excerpt = selection from a book, extract
USE = excerpt of a new book

illicit = unlawful, illegal
USE = illicit liquor

immense = huge
USE = at immense cost

de facto = actual
USE = de facto standard (Not full sentence)

draconian = harsh
USE = draconian laws

prodigy = a person with extraordinary ability or talent
USE = a child prodigy

eke = to add to, supplement
USE = to eke out a living

Herculean = powerful, large
USE = a Herculean task

pyrrhic = a battle won with unacceptable losses
USE = a pyrrhic victory

Use the MP3 Audio with your CAT book and Flashcards ...

Many students use this audio program combined with flashcards and the official CAT book (or other books/software) to maximize their CAT score for admission to a graduate school of their choice.

This course helps you memorize in a new way that makes it easy for almost anybody to memorize the vocab 3 to 7 times faster.

You can enjoy because you can sit down and relax and recharge your energy while you learn.

For high CAT Verbal score

1. Books + DVD

3 beautiful volumes of CAT Vocab with
All 4,487 Words of CAT Vocab
on DVD

(Order at the Bottom of the Page)

Here is what you get:

  • 22 Vocab Sessions: Each session is up to 60 minutes long. You get the complete 4,487 words required for the CAT test.
    You revise up to 200 words. About half the words are in a male voice and half in a female voice. For all words, you hear meanings, and for most words, you also hear memorable contextual sentence fragments that have been very carefully chosen for easy memorization.

  • Unlike dictionaries, for most words, we give only one or two meanings that are most appropriate for CAT. The goal is to memorize the "right meanings" and not "all the dictionary meanings".

  • The recording is by two good professional voiceover experts (male and female) with an advanced knowledge of the vocabulary.

DEMO: Click Below to Listen to 2 Different
30 Second Samples (female and male voices)

Female Voice:

Male Voice:

2. Systematic Revision Web Software

New Faster Way to Vocab Mastery ...

Systematic Revision Online Software for Long Term Memory and Recall

Easily and automatically ensures you
spend time ONLY on words you don't know well

Designed so that you quickly get through the words you already know, and focus on the words you don't know so well. Once you learn a word well, you no longer have to waste time repeating it.

This allows you to master maximum number of words in minimum time because you don't waste time going through words you already know as in case of books or audio recordings.

How it works

The system offers all the 4,487 CAT words. You see more often those words that you know the least to maximize your learning in minimum time. The words you know perfectly well are not shown ever again.

When you log in, a word is shown without MEANING or USE.

The app screen and use

When you click "DROP", MEANING and USE are shown and you are asked to confirm

When you click a button other than "DROP", MEANING and USE are shown and the button "NEXT" appears. If you click it, immediately next word is shown. If you don''t click it, then the next word appears after 10 seconds (automatically which saves you a click)'

All the 4,487 CAT words are in the App. Most users can revise upto 120 to 300 words per hour. That means, if you already know 1500 words perfectly well, then in only 5 hours or so, you can mark them as DROP. And, then onward, you spend time in learning only those words are you not 100% sure.

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