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Here is a new easy way to quickly and easily learn how to write and speak effective, powerful and fluent English, to build good vocabulary (word power) and to avoid mistakes.

Problem with English Education
in Indian Schools and Our New Research

     Have you wondered why learning effective English is so difficult for students in India?

     Look: Once we ask the above question, the answer is simple: The schools teach us complete, theoretical grammar.  Their goal is to teach English for exam purpose (same exam as in England and  America).  And as a result the schools leave many of us confused and unsure of our knowledge of English.     

     In our course, you learn new research-based English so that you quickly gain confidence in speaking and writing English.  One example of our research is the Bapna’s™ Will/Shall Rule below:

      For speaking, always use WILL.  During my 7 years in USA, I never heard anyone use SHALL. For writing and for exams, use LL like I’ll, you’ll, he’ll, she’ll, they’ll.  This is a shortcut.  In this way, your sentences will always be correct.

     You learn effective English that I myself use-like in this article and in my books published in USA and India.  Such English is easy to learn, effective and powerful.

Designed for Whom...

     This proven course is for you if you can understand English when others speak, but are not sure of the correct way to write or speak effective English.  Or, if you sometimes make mistakes or get confused when speaking English.  Or, if you  have used books on grammar or spoken English to learn effective English, but did not get much success.

     Whether you are a student or in job, if you are highly motivated to learn effective, powerful and fluent English, and build vocabulary (word power) easily and quickly, this course is a boon for you.  This unique course has already helped lakhs of students in India and abroad.

Why CDs?

     Perhaps you already realize that living in America or England is the best way to master spoken English.  And, that CDs are the other best way.  Why? Because you can listen and speak English in the comfort of your home without any fear or hesitation.

 You Become Confident & Fluent

     Let me clarify what fluency means.  You are a fluent speaker if you speak easily without any hesitation.

     Do you know when do people hesitate? Answer: when they are not confident of the meaning or of the use of a word.  For example, if you are sure of the use of will/shall, you speak confidently and fluently, without hesitation.

     This was my goal for you while developing this big course on effective English.

     You learn quickly and easily with my expertise in mind power and study techniques.

Proof of Success

”Before joining your course I could understand English but I could not speak English.  Now, I can speak powerful English”

-Somia Singh, Patna, Bihar

”I ordered your course for my mother, who could read and write English, but hesitated speaking due to pronunciation and some grammatical topics... But, in just one week, I can see her doing well.  [Now] I have no problem communicating [with] her in English...  I had other expensive English speaking courses, but none could give her so good results...  Thanks.”

-Aditya Joshi, Jammu

”Good and unique course.  I was average in English.  Now I can write letters in simple English” 

-Akula Srinivas, AP

”In the past, I was not good at writing as well as speaking English. Using your course, I am able to write simple and better English without mistakes and I can speak  English with others without any hesitation.  I completed your course in 27 days.” 

-V H Pardeshi, Ahmednagar, MS

How is this New Approach Different?

     Compare our method of using will/shall with other books.  Our method takes 1 to 2 minutes while the other books take 5 to 10 pages, requiring you many days to learn  to use will/shall correctly and yet not remember after a month.  Do you fully realize now that my course is really unique and different, and so you learn effective English quickly?

     Bapna’s Will/Shall Rule and other material in this course cannot be copied by other authors or books because this material is based on our research, and we own the copyright and trademarks.

What You Get

In this course, you get 8 powerful, proven and effective books and
free 8 CDs divided into 3 courses:

Spoken English Course
(3 Books + Free CD)

This is for people who are very weak in English. Most of you don't need this, but we just want to make sure that in case you are very weak, you are not left behind.

Book 1: Foundation Spoken English Workbook. Pages 71.

Book 2: Spoken English Practice. Pages 32 With CD.

Book 3: Common Verbs for Better English. Pages 35.

Spoken English & Effective Communication
(4 Books + 2 Free CDs)

This is essential for building your confidence and fluency for your day to day office, business, social communication.

Book 1: (A) Bapna's English Course.
185 Pages

Amazingly powerful book. Gives you short-cuts and builds your confidence and fluency .

(B) Pocket Book. 24 Pages

Carry with you and use free time to improve your English.

Book 2: Spoken English & Effective
Communication. Pages 110 With 2 CDs.

Powerful book with CDs.

Book 3: Common Verbs for Better English. Pages 130.

Very useful because many students are not familiar with the verbs needed to communicate their ideas effectively.

Book 4: Memory MapsTM for Tenses. Pages 32.

This is great if you want to master tenses which is helpful for some exams.

Spoken English Course
(2 Books + Free 5 CDs)

This is for you if you are already good in English and want to move to the next high level in English speaking.

Book 1: Effective Word Power & Right Expressions. Pages 210 With 4 CDs.

Good for you because it gives you effective words and tells you how to use them with right expressions. Makes your language more powerful and more polished, which means more effective and more impressive.

Book 2: Advanced Spoken English Through Easy Grammar & Simple Phonetics. Pages 58 With CD.

For all persons (students, executives, business persons, and even house wives), this is the highest level of expertise that is of practical value.

For students, this will help in GDs and interviews, and to simply become more polished in spoken English.

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All 9 books and 8 CDs


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Fluent English Course (CDs in Indian accent)

All 9 books and 8 CDs


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