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From: Raj Bapna
B.E. (BITS, Pilani), M.Tech. (IIT, Kgp)
Former engineer at Intel, california

Imagine you sit down in the exam room for your most important exam ... you open the paper, read questions, and begin to answer... surprisingly, you remember the answers, think through logic and numericals, and feel confident that you are answering correctly.

You finish the paper and come out of the room.

When you see your classmates outside, they say that questions were familiar, they could not remember very well in the exam room.

Finally the day comes when results are declared and not surprisingly you get success while most of your classmates don't.

My mission is to help students learn better so the above story comes true for them.

I believe everybody should try their best.

I believe you can become the best that god meant you to be, that you are capable of. And, my mission is to help you towards that.

In the past 24 years, I have helped over 5 lakh students to get more success.

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