SuperIQ 7: the only mind machine proven by 2 PhDs...
Most advanced Mind Machine for students ...

Discover How to Change Your Brain waves,
Enter the Learning State in 7 Minutes and
Wake up a Little of Your Genius Inside You
For Faster Learning, Higher IQ,
More Marks in Your Exam ...

Boost Your Memory

Here is what the newspaper "DNA Ahmedabad" says:


DNA Ahmedabad Reported How Students are Using
Mind Machines for Memory (for better exam results) 

What is a Mind Machine
and How It Helps Students in
Studies and Exams

Mind machines are a proven technology that allow you to learn better and faster and in a relaxed way.

Mind Machine = Hardware + Program CDs/MP3

The Mind Machine consists of hardware and program CDs/MP3.

Mind Machine Hardware

The hardware includes

  • Mind Machine CPU
  • Headphones
  • Brain Booster Mind Glasses
  • Stereo-to-stereo cable
  • 10 Pencil Cells (Batteries)
  • Requires your own CD player, Notebook, iPod, PC, MP3 player or mobile with MP3 player

It Has 3 Sets of Programs (CDs or MP3)

There are a dozen or more mind machines in the world, of which most are from America and one is from India. Of all these mind machines in the world, only my mind machine has 3 sets of programs focused only on students.

  1. ALEM (Accelerated Learning and Exam Mastery)
    This program helps you to enter the "learning state" to study for longer hours with improved memory, intelligence, motivation, and helps you write your exams confidently with speed and accuracy, and without stress or nervousness.
  2. Optional: Stress Buster
    For Stress Management, Deep Sleep, Healing and Peak Performance.
  3. Optional: Vocabulary for MBA (CAT, MAT, GMAT) and GRE. For students who want to join IIMs, MBA, or to go abroad for Masters degree.

You'll see details on these programs below in this letter.

World's #1 Mind Machine for Students

Several thousands of Super IQ series of mind machines are in use since 1993, making it the largest selling mind machine in the world for students.

The other famous mind machines in USA are focused more on stress management and relaxation. They don't focus on students because students (around the world) spend less money than working people.

Because our mission is to help students, we have developed this mind machine to help students like you to improve memory and concentration and to get more marks.

Super IQ7 mind machine is available only from this website and our institute in Udaipur.

The Only Mind Machine that Offers These
2 Big Benefits for ALL Students

  1. Enter the "learning state" to study for longer hours with better memory and sharper focus. With motivation; feeling energized and not lazy.
  2. Exam mastery: Write exams confidently with speed and accuracy and without making silly mistakes and without stress, so you get the full marks you deserve.

The only mind machine designed specifically for students.
Helps You with All Subjects

 You can use it for studying all subjects including GS, Maths, Physics, English, GK, Accounts, History, Chemistry, etc., and any exam.

It Really Works

What Dr Rudresh Vyas,
Who Did PhD on Our Mind Machine, Says ...

"Mind machines are new for our country, but in Western counties such machines have been in use for more than 60 years mainly to improve academic and sports performance .. The device has been developed with the help of light and sound.

     They actually stimulate various parts of the brain and change the pattern of brainwaves in a jiffy.

     Through this process, the device can bring your mind at a level which can only be attained by practicing yoga and meditation which takes a long time."

     The title of my Ph. D. thesis was "The effects of electro magnetic waves and rhythmic sound on learning behaviour".

     I conducted comprehensive research using Mind Machine and covering subjects like Neurology, Brain Chemistry, Physiology, and Psychology.

     Students were divided into two groups, Control and Experiment group. Experiment group was offered 60 sessions of Mind Machine.

     My conclusion from my Ph. D. research is that Mind Machine is useful for the improvement in the academic performance...

     For my research, I was awarded Ph. D. in 2005 from Sardar Patel University, V.V. Nagar, Anand."

-- Dr Rudresh Vyas, Dean of Psychology Department
at MTB Arts College, Surat. In an interview in DNA.

Improved Memory

Almost magically, not only my memory has increased but it improved several other qualities like greater reflex, smoother fluency in English etc.

-- Subhashis Bhadra, Kolkata (WB)

Better Concentration

... After using this I am improving concentration during study... It is truly amazing.

-- Aditya Kaushal Ranjan, B.Tech (1st year), Computer Science,
ICFAI TECH, Hyderabad

Even After Studying Long Hours, Feel Energetic

I go to Kung-Fu class thrice weekly. After cycling (6+6 km) one hour to and fro and Kung-Fu drill I get exhausted and my energy level used to go down. But, nowadays I feel always energized. My days go wonderfully well with full of energy and electricity.

-- Vinod Kumar, BE (IIT) MTech (IISc), Bangalore (KA)

Raj Bapna photo

Researched and Developed by Raj Banpa and Team

Raj Bapna has been developing mind machines for the past 20 years. He brings a lifetime of research on learning, memory, and exam success to this mind machine. He holds BE from BITS, Pilani, MTech from IIT, Kharagpur, and was an engineer at Intel in California.

All Students Benefit.
For All Competitions.
For All Subjects including Science, Commerce, Arts, ...

You'll benefit whether you are in school board or you are doing PhD.

You'll benefit whether you studying for CA, CS, ICWA or IAS or State admins, or Engineering or medical, or just your PMP or computer subjects as part of your job.

You'll benefit for all competitive exams and all subjects because the mind machine helps you to study better.

Mind Machine offers no subject coaching except for vocabulary which we developed just to prove it works.

A Powerful Program for ALL Students:
ALEM Program

(Accelerated Learning and Exam Mastery)

These Program CDs/MP3 are designed to help you:

  • Enter the "learning state" to study long hours with improved memory, concentration, intelligence, and motivation.
  • To get maximum marks that you deserve for you hard work at school, coaching, and home.
  • For all exams and competitions, and for all subjects.

You get these program CDs (2 of each) or MP3:

  • CD #201 - 202 for use when you study
    Use when you start studying or continue studies
  • CD #203 - 205 for "accelerated learning" and "exam mastery" : use when going to sleep
    Subconscious Programming to improve your memory power and concentration, so that you can take exams confidently with speed and accuracy, and without stress or nervousness
  • Awake & Energize (bonus)
    Use it when you are feeling sleepy or tired and need a quick boost. The goal is not to reduce or cut down on sleep, but to feel awake and energized, just in case you are feeling sleepy/lazy or tired. Use it if you want to get out of a state of deep relaxation to do something requiring full attention, such as riding a motorcycle or driving a car. This is so powerful that even using it for just 3 minutes gives good results.

ALEM = "Accelerated Learning"
and "Exam Mastery"

"Accelerated Learning" is Whole Brain Based Learning/Memory (integration of left brain + right brain).
It Helps You Study Long Hours and Remember Faster.

Whole brain means that both your left brain and right brain work together, are integrated, are somewhat in synchronization. This is what is found in long-term meditators and makes more of your brain power available.

A large number of people in the world have developed advanced techniques for accelerated learning, supercharged remembering, and peak mental performance.

The book Superlearning which is written by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, made superlearning or accelerated learning techniques popular. These help you use your whole brain (both the left brain and the right brain) for learning and memory.

I was member of the SALT (Society of Accelerated Learning and Teaching, USA) that is working hard to bring the benefits of accelerated learning to schools in USA. Many programs for schools have been supported by the American federal or state governments. (It is really unfortunate that in India, NCERT, good private schools and other important institutions are not open-minded enough to bring these revolutionary discoveries from around the world to our schools. My hope is that the situation will change in the next 10 years as India gets richer and parents start learning about these advances and start demanding them from good private schools).

The book Superlearning reports: The Washington State Department of Health and Social Services reported that by using Superlearning techniques, Indochinese refugees learned English five times faster. At Iowa State University students learned Spanish seven times faster. And from Australia's Woden TAFE College, John Wade revealed, "I have used the Superlearning technology with adult migrants learning English. The results from controlled experiment ... show that long term memory retention increased sixfold."

Portable: You can use the Mind Machine with your Notebook, iPod, MP3 player, or even mobile phone that has an MP3 player and can feed the output to the mind machine.

What Dr Richard Bandler (who is a genius)
Says about Mind Machines ...

Dr Richard Bandler video (2:10 minutes)

What Users Say ...

What a School Student Says ...

What a School Student Says ... (21 seconds)

What a 3rd Year Student Says ...

What a College Student Says
at Time Life Expo in Bangalore... (24 seconds)

 Changes You From Good to Great

What an IIT Chennai Educated
Engineer from Bangalore Says ...

M Vinod Kumar, IIT Chennai Educated
Software Engineer from Bangalore (1:04 minutes)

Hi Raj,

The Mind Machine is a wonderful motivator. I got it on Friday. When I first used the [program] "enter the active learning state", I felt that I went into a relaxed state ...

After the first usage the learning effect was there for more than 2 hours. After that I slept for the day. During those 2 hours I completed one book "Quantum Mechanics 1: The Breakthrough" by G. Venkatraman. During these learning period I did not feel [the need of] taking 5 min break that "Daily routine technique" recommends. During the weekend I finished 3 books. A novel by John Grisham "Street Lawyer" and "A short history of nearly every Bill Bryson". Reading is fun with #2 and #3 ...

I can't wait to complete my first one month with the machine and meet the genius in me. I guess I already have had a glimpse of my side.

Mind Machine is priced very low for all the amazing results I have already got. It is precious. And I won't return to you even if you ask for double the price. ;-)

I go to Kung-Fu class thrice weekly. After cycling (6+6 km) one hour to and fro and Kung-Fu drill I get exhausted and my energy level used to go down. But, nowadays I feel always energized. My days go wonderfully well with full of energy and electricity...

Thanking you for your wonderful gift,



Vinod Kumar, Bangalore (KA) 

No Extra Time. No Extra Work.
No Techniques to Learn and No Methods to Practice.

Just use the Mind Machine with Program CDs or MP3 DVDs/Pendrive. You can use it within 10 minutes of getting the parcel.

That's really all you have to do. You don't need to practice any techniques or methods. The mind machine does all the work for you. It is so easy and effortless to use.

Everyone who has tried it at our lab is really amazed at how easy and effective it is. Thousands of students and executives are using our mind machines in India, and in different countries including USA, UK, Italy, Australia, Middle East, etc.

Who is Raj Bapna and What Makes Him
an Expert to be Able to Help You

Raj Bapna photoI was lucky to get NTSE scholarship (NCERT) and 5th rank in Rajasthan High School Board. I was also fortunate to study BE at BITS Pilani and M Tech at IIT Kharagpur.

I only had a bicycle during my studies and my first job. Only when I went to USA, I bought my first car in 1988, a Toyota Tercel.

In USA, I worked as a Software Engineer at Intel Corporation in California, and at several other companies.

In USA, I was member of the Society of Accelerated Learning and Teaching (SALT) and learnt Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  At the peak of success in 1991, I left USA and returned to India to help students, and do good for our country.

For over 20 years now, I have been helping students like you.

You'll benefit from my deep knowledge, passion and intense training, that I got from the best in the world with investing a lot of time and money.

Dr Richard Bandler is the genius behind NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
His research has revolutionized the understanding of how to use the mind more effectively. His students include a large number of psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mind/brain experts, business people, housewives, students, etc.

Scientifically Proven

The only mind machine proven by 2 PhDs and recommended by a Department of Psychology after 7 years of research by 5 Ph D scholars with 120 students

  • Two PhDs have been done, using our mind machine, by
    (1) Dr Poonam Dhaka at MLS University, Udaipur (Rajasthan) and
    (2) Dr Rudresh Vyas at MTB Arts College, Surat (Gujarat).
  • Five PhD scholars at MLS University, Udaipur (Raj) have researched and used it with 120 students, and only then, after 7 years of research and practical experience, the Head of the Department of Psychology highly recommended it.
  • The university research scientifically proved that students improved their scores in learning, got more marks and improved creativity.

Researched for 7 years at a university ...

Only after the mind machine was proven effective and safe in a 7 year research, here is a part of what the Head of the Department of Psychology said:

      "This is to certify that we have been using Raj Bapna's mind machines and Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music since 1998 for experiment and research in our department.

     I first started with guiding my research student Ms Poonam Dhaka to study the effects of these mind machines and mind power music involving 120 students and this research led to award of PhD in the year 2000 and the thesis is titled: An Experimental Study of Mind Power Techniques among Teenagers in Relation to Certain Psychological Variables....

     ...Based on our use, research and experience with these mind machines and mind power music, we highly recommend use of Raj Bapna's mind machines and Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music for anyone including schools, colleges, coaching classes, libraries, teachers, and individual students and executives."

-- Dr Vijaya Laxmi Chouhan, MA, PhD, Head, Dept of Psychology
Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Below is the 2 page certificate by the head of the Dept of Psychology

No Side Effects

The mind machines are safe as lakhs of people around the world use them.

Further, only after it was proven safe and beneficial in 7 years of research including work by Ph D scholars, the head of department at MLS University has strongly recommended it for students and others.

Not for Psychiatric / Epilepsy Patients

It is not for persons undergoing psychiatric or psychological treatment. They should use the mind machines only under medical supervision.

It is not for people suffering from photo-sensitive/ epilepsy related problems.

What the Greatest Meditation Master Osho Says ...

"But these high-tech mechanisms can be of tremendous use in the right hands. They can help create the kinds of waves in your mind so that you start feeling relaxed, as if half asleep ... thoughts are disappearing and a moment comes that everything becomes silent in you. That is the moment when the waves are those of deep sleep. You will not be aware of this deep sleep, but after 10 minutes, when you are unplugged from the machine, you will see the effects: you are calm, quiet, peaceful, no worry, no tension; life seems to be more playful and joyous. One feels as if one has had an inner bath. Your whole being is calm and cool."

How the Mind Machine Works

It Works by Changing Your Brainwaves
and Changing Your Beliefs

Scientists have been able to isolate brainwaves of geniuses, monks and yogis, and then were able to create certain technology (which we'll discuss in a second) that allows anybody--no matter how good you already are--to be able to use this technology and have your brainwaves assume the same patterns of such geniuses. So it makes learning easy because you are in a highly advanced state, where you learn quickly and retain better.

This new technology is called Mind Machine.

When you use this system, you benefit from many unique/proven/patented mind technologies, which would take a book to explain in details.

But fortunately, you don't have to understand the details of the 7 mind technologies to benefit from the mind machine.

Briefly, it works in these ways:

1. Changes Your Brainwaves and Your State to RELAXED STATE (in just 6-10 minutes)

brainwaves.jpg First, it uses various mind technologies to slow down your brain waves quickly, so your body and mind enter a state of deep relaxation.

For learning, exams, vocab programs, we use frequencies that help learning, and we call this relaxed state "learning state".

Naturally, in the learning state, it is easier to manage your time and also easier not to feel lazy, but feel confident and highly motivated.

2. Mind Programming Helps You Build Positive & Empowering Beliefs and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

You hear a different story in each ear.

These stories contain a variety of powerful suggestions in such an artful way, that the suggestions remain in indirect and are seemingly part of the stories.

So they go unnoticed, and as a result, most of the empowering messages hidden within the stories bypass the conscious mind completely, entering the unconscious mind.

Our mind tries to understand both the stories, but soon realizes it cannot.

It still tries hard and continues to struggle to understand both the stories and at some point, our brain gives up, and in that moment the brain is not actively thinking (chasing thoughts).

In some sense, it has stopped thinking. Naturally, in this state, you feel tremendously relaxed and comfortable and free from stress. You enter the state of body sleep / mind awake.

This is the most powerful method of belief change because it is totally effortless. It builds empowering beliefs for you, so you can achieve breakthrough success. It works to overcome limiting beliefs that may be causing self-sabotage.

For more details on research ...

You can get full details of these mind technologies here.

User Guide, Warranty, Notes

  • Step-by-Step User Guide
  • 7-day, 1-month, and 1-year warranty
    For Mind Machine CPU: Repair is free within 12 MONTHS of purchase; then repair is at nominal charge of Rs 400.
    For Program CDs: free replacement for 1 month.
    For Headphone, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Lead: free replacement for 7 days.
  • Notes:
    (1) You need your own CD/DVD player, PC, Notebook computer, MP3 Player or iPod
    (2) These special program CDs / MP3 work only with the Mind Machine

What Famous Student Magazines Say:
"Wakes You Up and Energizes You in 3 to 7 Minutes ..."

. . . program called AWAKE AND ENERGIZE wakes you up and energizes you in 3 to 7 minutes . . . poised to be a leader in mind machines world wide for students and executives.

-- Civil Services Chronicle monthly magazine 

In one program to ENTER THE LEARNING STATE, you hear two different magical stories . . . these relax you, change your brain waves toward the desired alpha or theta.

-- Business & Management Chronicle
magazine for B-School Aspirants

Study Long Time Without Taking Break

Now I feel that I should study and study and study for every time and achieve everything in life that I want now a days I am also feeling confident . . . helps me study without any break.

-- Siddharth U. Dixit, Ghaziabad

7-Day 95% Money Back Guarantee

The Mind Machine Really Works and You can "Feel the Results" Within 15 Minutes of Use

You can order the Mind Machine confidently and risk-free even if you are simply curious. Use it safely for 7 days and if for any reason you are not fully 100% satisfied, simply post the complete package in original or good packing by Speed Post on the 7th day or before, and on receiving the parcel (it may take more than 7 days and that is ok), we will send you a prompt and courteous refund DD (or At Par Cheque) of 95% of purchase price by Speed Post. Or, if you paid by credit/debit card, we may credit 95% back to the credit/debit card.

No questions asked. What could be more fair?

Why only 95% money back and not 100%

I want to spend my time and energy with only those who are really serious about their success and willing to take a small risk (you take only 5% risk; remember I take 95% risk to prove that you will benefit).

What is the Investment

If you were to import from USA a complete kit / comprehensive package including a mind machine, accelerated learning CDs/MP3, vocab CDs/MP3, mind programming CDs/MP3, the cost will be over US $900 (or Rs 54,000).

Fortunately, it costs much less for you because the salaries in India are much lower.

ALEM Gold Package

ALEM Gold package includes Price
Mind Machine Hardware Rs 10,990
ALEM program (CDs) Rs 1,270
Awake & Energize program (CDs) Rs 530
Total Price : Rs 12,760

Discount Price

New Special Offer for Students.
Save Rs 3,000 Now (for limited time only)

ALEM Gold package Price
Hardware + Programs on 10 audio CDs (in India) Rs 12,760 Rs 9,760
Hardware + Programs on 2 MP3 DVDs (in India) Rs 12,710 Rs 9,710
Hardware + Programs on 2 MP3 DVDs (outside India) Rs 15,700 Rs 13,700
(about US$ 229)

Triple Combo Package

(ALEM Gold Package + Vocab Builder + Stress Buster + Meditation)

Here is your chance to get all these:

  • ALEM Gold:
    All the hardware (CPU, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Headphone, cable, cells) and Programs on 10 CDs (or 2 DVDs). Price Rs 12,760
  • Vocab Builder (for GRE, CAT, GMAT vocab):
    You get 33 programs on CDs (or 4 DVDs) and 2 vocab books. Offers the only audio program with complete vocab with the power of the mind machine. Price Rs 3,740
  • Stress Buster (for stress management for healing and more...):
    You get 10 program CDs (or 2 DVDs). People usually order this after meditation, yoga and other traditional techniques don't work well enough or fast enough. Price Rs 1,210
  • Alpha + Theta + Delta: 3 Meditation programs that will help you life long.
    ALPHA Meditation: Health, Healing & Stress Management
    THETA Meditation: Creativity & Inspiration
    DELTA Meditation: Deep Sleep & Spirituality
    Price Rs 1,990.

Discount Price

(Note below that you now get a pen drive free)

Triple Combo Package
(ALEM Gold + Stress Buster + Vocab + Meditation)
Hardware + Programs on 53 CDs of ALEM, Stress Buster, Awake & Energize, Vocab + 2 Vocab Books + 8GB Pendrive with all programs in MP3(in India) Rs 11,850 with CDs + Pendrive
Hardware + Programs on 8 DVDs + 2 Vocab Books + 8GB Pendrive with all programs in MP3 (in India) Rs 11,900 with 8 DVDs + Pendrive
Hardware + Two 8 GB Pendrives each with all programs + 2 Vocab Books (outside India). Rs 17,700 (about US$307)

The prices above include everything including postage and any taxes such as VAT, CST but not octroi / import taxes. Prices in US$ is only indicative because they vary almost daily. For most programs, we send 2 copies of each CD or DVD, so one you can keep safely.

Which version of programs is right for you:
Audio CDs vs. DVDs

First, note that both come with PENDRIVE with the MP3 files. So using MP3 player or smartphone, you can use the mind machine in a portable way. You can also directly copy the MP3 files to your PC or Notebook.

The DVDs is the right choice if have PC/notebook or if do not have CD player.

On the other hand if you do not have PC/Notebook and have only CD player, then you get the audio CDs version.

How to Order

Direct Deposit, Net Banking or DD / MO

Credit, Debit, ATM Card in India

Credit Cards Outside India

Direct Deposit Cheque/ Cash/ Netbanking Online into Our SBI Bank: Click here

Order by DD or MO: Click here

Just click the buy now button.

Click the BUY NOW button and on the checkout page, you'll be able to see the US$ or other currency equivalent.

How We Send Your Order and Delivery Time

Expected Normal Delivery Time:

  • Within India: 3-4 days (by courier) and 4-7 days (by Speed Post ).  We send your package by courier service (Blue Dart) if available in your PINCODE (check if it delivers to your PINCODE here: When courier is not available (most villages, c/o56APO, etc.), we send it by Speed Post. After dispatch, we send you email with tracking number.
  • Outside India: 4-6 days (by courier)

Octroi or Import Taxes: To be paid by the customer directly to the government or courier service.

Delivery Delays and Special Cases: Delivery to J&K and east & north of West Bengal takes longer. Speed Post parcels can get much delayed. Speed Post tracking is not fully reliable.


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