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Here is what the newspaper "DNA Ahmedabad" says:


DNA Ahmedabad Reported How Students are Using
Mind Machines for Memory (for better exam results) 

Do You Qualify?
(not for every student)

  1. You are ambitious and hard working. Others may call your dreams and goals as unrealistic, but you know you have unique capabilities which you can use to make your dreams come true.
  2. You are independent thinker, but sometimes you feel worrisome and unsure and can have serious doubts about whether you are making the right decision or doing the right thing. You may even be critical of or frustrated with yourself because you know you are not performing at the best of your capacity and talent.
  3. highlightYou know you are capable of achieving more and are eagerly looking to find new ways to reach the next level to get the highest success you deserve, and you are willing to work hard and work smart.

Comparison of Different Ways in Which Coaching and Mind Machine Help You to Get More Marks and Higher Rank in Exams

How Coaching Helps How Mind Machine Helps
Everybody knows about coaching. Most students don't even know there is something like a mind machine even though it is already being used by tens of thousands of students and lakhs of executives, business owners and others.
Almost everybody joins coaching, but only about 1% to 3% of those who join coaching get success. So, coaching does not provide any special competitive advantage against others. Because very few students use mind machines, it provides a unique competitive advantage helping you to get ahead of others.
Everybody benefits by joining coaching. Even if you are so good to be able to get success on your own, the fact is that coaching will help you do even better by polishing you as if turning you from rough diamond into a shining diamond. Everybody benefits from using mind machine. Even if you are so good to be able to get success on your own, the fact is that mind machine will help you do even better because it lets you remember more of what you learn as well as learn for longer hours with sharper concentration. It really helps you multiply results from your hard work.
Cost is between Rs 30,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per year. Cost of just 1 year coaching is more than the cost of a motorcycle. One time investment is less than Rs 15,000 and the mind machine lasts for many many years, and it can help other family members, too.

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